Marketing & Sales - Rival Houses?

Had a wonderful two-hour call last week with an incredible digital marketer as a follow-up to our Data Strategy for Demand Generation webinar (replay goes up today). We had a deep discussion about the cost impact of data quality issues, and the cost of damaging that data, and we ran some scenarios through a new ROI calculator we're developing that help in assessing the real cost of dirty data. And despite the major cultural and scale differences between our companies, we were both cracking up over how similarly sales and marketing get so far out of alignment when in fact, we should be so deeply joined together.

With perfect timing, I was delighted to see our wonderful friends at Pardot just created a fantastic and humorous illustration of this exact problem, with their new infographic pitching sales and marketing into the world of Game of Thrones.

Recognize anyone? Maybe this would serve as a helpful icebreaker at your next joint sales and marketing meeting. I think it's going up on my office fridge.

Sales vs. Marketing: The Original Game of Thrones [INFOGRAPHIC] - Pardot Infographic

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