Marketing Effectiveness: Marketing Database Assessment


The marketing database plays a vital role in maximizing marketing effectiveness.  A lack of a centralized and complete marketing database impacts the marketer’s ability to both create and execute highly effective marketing strategy.

The marketing database feeds the marketing mix, it helps determine which targets and segments a company should pursue, and it ultimately allows the organization to consistently develop better products and services and market these products and services efficiently and effectively.

Most importantly, the marketing database is the lifeblood of marketing campaign execution.  The ability to deliver relevant, timely marketing messages to prospects and customers across one or more marketing channels is directly correlated to the quality of your marketing database.  As a result, marketers need to trust in their marketing database; therefore ensure that the data is accurate, complete and reliable.

Market leading organizations heavily rely on their marketing database to build intimate, relevant, personalized relationships with prospects and customers.

The following questions will help determine steps your organization can take to improve the quality of your marketing database and ultimately the ability to execute more effective marketing campaigns.

Read each question below and write down the appropriate number of points according to your answers.  Once you’re done, add up your score to determine if you are a database slacker, an average Joe database marketer, or a database jockey with the right customer and prospect data at your fingertips all day, every day.


Rate the quality of your marketing database?

  • Complete- Award yourself 4 points if you are confident in the quality of the marketing database you rely on execute marketing campaigns
  • Room for Improvement- Award yourself 2 points if you feel fairly confident in the quality of your marketing database but there’s still some room for improvement.
  • It’s in bad shape- Award yourself 0 points if you are confident in the fact that your database marketing practices are less than desirable and leave room for significant improvement.


Do you currently have a centralized marketing database that provides one source of the truth for marketing, sales, and service?

  • Yes- Award yourself 2 points if you have a centralized database that delivers a 360 view of customers across marketing, sales and service
  • No- 0 points if you are still operating multiple siloed databases or worse excel spreadsheets


Do you augment your marketing database with information to enhance, authenticate, or supplement your marketing database?

  • Yes- Award yourself 2 points if you enhance the quality of existing data through third party data sources or marketing database integration tools.
  • No- 0 points if existing marketing database is rarely enhanced


Do you regularly scrub the database for erroneous or outdated information?

  • Yes- Award yourself 4 points if you constantly monitor the quality of the data (regardless of whether it’s manual or automated)
  • No- 0 points if you can’t remember the last time you acted on the quality of your marketing database.


Do you collect multi-channel information to build customer profiles?

  • Yes- Award yourself 2 points if you supplement individual leads data with information from two or more marketing channels: email campaigns received, click-through history, website visits, landing page form captures, survey questions, direct mail, etc.
  • Sort of- Award yourself 1 point if you supplement individual leads data with information from one marketing channel
  • No- 0 points if you have yet to integrate multi-channel activity at the customer account level.


Final Score


a._____+ b._____+ c._____+ d._____+ e._____=  ______




How did you score?


  • 0-5 Points: Database Slacker -  A final score between 0-5 indicates you need to spend more time focusing on your marketing database.  Your competitors and peers are utilizing marketing database techniques that will give them a competitive advantage.  Your marketing database can become outdated and erroneous rapidly; particularly with the rapid growth in digital marketing channels.  The most effective marketing creative is useless if the customer or prospect never sees it, and poor data quality in personalized campaigns can erode brand reputation.  Consider devoting organizational resources to (1) manually scrubbing the marketing database for duplicate data, erroneous data, or missing data and (2) refreshing the marketing database through a third-party marketing data provider.
  • 6-12 Points: Average Joe - A final score between 6-12 indicates your marketing database is in reasonable shape, but you should consider initiatives to improve data quality.  This could include augmenting or validating the current marketing database with a third-party data purchase or assigning resources to manually scrub the database by hand.  Consider cross-checking bounced email addresses from outbound email campaigns and removing these email addresses from the database.  Likewise, make sure you are constantly offering customers an opportunity to opt-out of communications.
  • 12-14 Points: Database Jockey- A final score between 12-14 points indicates your marketing database is in great shape.  The question is, what are you actually doing with this robust marketing database to improve marketing effectiveness?

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