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It’s Show Time!

Welcome back from summer vacation!  The economy seems to be picking up, it’s event season and B2B marketers are being tasked with their biggest jobs yet – driving enough leads to make up for a slow first half of the year.  With the help of a marketing automation tool, your job gets a lot easier.  As marketing automation becomes more of a necessity to get the job done, B2B marketing teams are forced to evaluate their needs and choose a solution that best fits.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been highlighting our marketing automation partners and friends on The B2B Lead.  In addition to a post each of them contributed describing their solution, we also featured some their best practices.  If you haven’t visited us lately, here’s a snapshot of what you’ve missed:

What is Eloqua?
Power Marketing Automation with Targeted Leads
The Profile of the New Buyer - Digital Body Language

What is
Sales 2.0 for Dummies

What is Marketbright?
Tips to Improve Your Lead Management Strategy

What is Marketo?
Marketo's Secret Sauce for Demand Generation

What is Manticore?
23 Questions Demand Generation Companies May Not Want You to Ask

What is Loopfuse?

What is Pardot?
Web Marketing Automation Buyer's Guide

Remember your marketing automation system is a powerful engine but you need the right fuel to get the results you really want.   Be sure you are capturing the right roles at your events, cleaning up those PPC leads and identifying everyone in the decision making unit before you launch your next program.

Thanks again to our partners and friends for contributing!  We look forward to working with you again soon.

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