Marketing Automation Is Helpful, Not Scary

According to Forbes Magazine, only 10 percent of all businesses are currently using marketing automation. Some of the most successful businesses rely on automated marketing campaigns to streamline their marketing and enhance lead generation. Industry experts are predicting that marketing automation will be the future of marketing. Given the clear advantages it provides businesses, a 10 percent implementation rate seems strikingly low. So, if marketing automation is so great, what's with the low adoption rates?

Take it Slow

Many companies worry that the implementation process will be labor-intensive and distract them from more pressing tasks. Data management software needn't be implemented overnight. Businesses can create a deployment plan that is easy, noninvasive, and doesn't disrupt the flow of business. This way, they can become increasingly reliant on marketing automation, while still using their former tools as they adjust to the new software.

It Isn't as Hard as it Looks

Some businesses worry that marketing automation is overly complicated, and they won't be able to analyze it properly. To the contrary, marketing automation makes marketing easier. Big data alone is cripplingly challenging to analyze and utilize, resulting in many companies failing to make the most of their data. If any company hopes to leverage big data to its fullest potential, while minimizing bad data, data silos, and poor lead generation, then marketing automation is the optimal solution.

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Many businesses fear that the deployment will be time-consuming and costly or that they lack the tech-savvy to implement and utilize the software effectively. Having utilized the same systems for years, they worry that switching to new software will be inefficient and challenging. Yet, marketing automation is easy to implement, and the advantages make it well worth the effort. While it does require a learning curve, once the software has been mastered, marketers can accomplish marketing tasks in a fraction of the time as before.

Marketing automation With marketing automation, you'll attract, convert, and retain more customers.

Business Size Is Irrelevant

Some businesses are under the impression that marketing automation primarily benefits big businesses. While scalability is a key selling point of marketing automation, small businesses and low-growth businesses can benefit as well. Marketing automation provides the tools needed to gain deeper insights into customers, tailor a marketing campaign to specific demographics and interest groups, increase lead generation, save time on marketing, and cut business spending. These are all goals that are central to the success of small businesses.

There Is No Risk Involved

Some businesses, particularly those with low revenue, are concerned that implementing a new technology will be risky and potentially compromise the success of the business. Given the difficulties that small businesses face, minimizing business risk is essential. However, marketing automation presents no risk to the business and can actually be utilized to reduce business risk. Any business decision inevitably carries a degree of risk. With marketing automation, businesses can access the insights they need to determine the general impact of their marketing decisions and business practices prior to altering their strategies. This significantly reduces risk and promotes the success of businesses.

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