Marketing Automation Fuels Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing is a form of mobile marketing designed to target users in specific geographic locations. It can be a highly effective marketing strategy, allowing businesses to connect with customers in real-time, while offering spending incentives that can fuel sales. With marketing automation, your marketing team can launch a highly effective location-based marketing strategy with minimal time and resources.

Keep Customer Concerns Central to Your Strategy

While location-based marketing offers a lot of advantages, it also presents specific concerns to consumers. Namely, some consumers worry that location-based marketing is overly invasive, and they don't wish to have their geographical data used for marketing purposes. Since your goal is to draw customers in rather than drive them away, it's critical to make this concern central to your campaign. By offering opt-in notifications for consumers, your customers can dictate the type of notifications and the frequency of notifications they receive, so they won't feel as though their privacy is being invaded.

Send Shopping Incentives Based on Customer Interest

Location-based marketing allows you to send coupons and other shopping incentives directly to customers in your neighborhood. Since eligible coupons vary by location, this is an efficient method of ensuring each customer is receiving coupons based on the retail location nearest to them. Marketing automation lets you segment data easily, so you can categorize customers based on their shopping history and send them shopping incentives that are relevant to their spending habits.

Utilize Beacon Technology

Beacons are small devices that can be placed around your retail locations and interact with apps on the phones of consumers. The beacons trigger the apps when consumers are within a certain proximity from the beacon, and it can send product information, coupons, and shopping incentives directly to their phone. These can be highly useful for driving sales and increasing customer satisfaction.

With marketing automation, you can leverage your data more effectively, enabling you to identify trends among each consumer. This information can be used to tailor the offerings sent by beacons, so each customer is receiving information and incentives on the products that relate to their shopping history.

Marketing automation Beacons deliver product information based on the customer's location in the store.

Communicate with Customers About Sales and Events

Oftentimes, even among chains, there are sales, promotions, and events that are specific to certain retail locations. You can use location-based marketing to increase awareness and build interest in location-specific offerings or events. Multi-channel marketing has proven to be the most effective method for reaching customers, so your location-based marketing should exist across multiple channels. Marketing automation makes it easier to manage multiple marketing channels, such as email, content, and social media marketing while improving efficiency. This enables you to spread your location-based marketing across a multitude of channels, attracting even more locals to your events and sales.

Location-based marketing is a highly effective strategy for connecting with local customers and fueling sales. Beacon technology is particularly useful, allowing businesses to communicate directly with the phones of customers, providing relevant product information as they wander the store. With marketing automation, you can increase the success of your location-based marketing by improving your understanding of customer trends. With segmented customer data, you can send shopping incentives and event notifications to consumers based on their recent shopping history.

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