Marketing Automation & Demand Generation: The Yin & Yang of Online Lead Generation

You've got the marketing automation software you need, so that's all you need for lead generation, right? Well, not exactly. While marketing automation is an excellent step in the right direction, it's only part of the equation when it comes to generating leads that end up as converted customers. The other part is a holistic approach to demand generation, and it could really benefit from other tools in the marketing and sales toolbox. Look at marketing automation as the yin to demand generation's yang.

Marketing Automation is Just One Part of Your Lead Generation Efforts

Automation tools allow you to identify quality leads, but a good look at the data your software produces will tell you it's an incomplete picture. For example, what can your sales people tell you about your customers that your marketing automation software doesn't? What data is missing from your automation software, that you glean from outside sources like your website, landing pages, and email platform?

Look for the 'Missing Links' in your Demand Generation Tactics

Identifying these 'missing links' in your data is essential for demand generation. This information can be stored in various systems around your organization, such as the CRM or marketing automation tool, or it could be kept by your people, such as your seasoned marketing staff, your sales people, and others who have regular contact with your customers, like the technical support and customer service department. There is also likely to be valuable information hidden in your finance department, such as what payment methods your most valuable customers prefer, what kinds of payment plans are most attractive to them, and even whether there is a correlation between a customer's payment habits and their lifetime customer value.

Use the New Data Streams to Build More Comprehensive, Exhaustive Online Lead Generation Techniques

Online lead generation Don't try to be a success with demand generation without all of the data. Start your next marketing campaign armed with all the information you can find from disparate sources around your company.

When it's time to develop a new campaign or engage in other marketing efforts, you need to take all of this information into consideration. Most businesses are investing in data integration services that allow them to consolidate the data streams from various systems around the company. Marry the information you obtain through your marketing automation software with the data you get from elsewhere -- including other systems, your sales staff, and those in your company who regularly interact with your customers. Make sure that everything you know, collectively, about your customers, is applied to your online lead generation efforts.

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