Marketing Automation Case Studies of Big Business Success

By now, you've likely heard a lot about marketing automation software and the ways it can improve the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. However, without concrete examples and evidence, it can be hard to know what's true and what's simply an exaggerated marketing pitch. How effective is marketing automation at fueling leads and conversions? Let's consult some big business names and find out.


Intacct is a fast-growing company from San Jose that provides cloud-based accounting software and financial management solutions. They were bogged down with seemingly endless quantities of unusable data, while failing to generate leads effectively. They were also concerned that their marketing tactics were needlessly time-consuming, resulting in wasted labor and money. Desperate for a solution, the marketing team at Intacct turned to marketing automation and data management, hoping to increase their marketing potential.

Since the switch, they've managed to drastically improve their efficiency, while increasing their data organization. They also managed to convert 80,000 junk records, which were formerly unusable, into marketable assets that have since bolstered their data analysis. In addition, they've increased leads and conversions, enabling them to get more from their marketing budget than before.


McAfee is a large antivirus software that is one of the most popular virus protection software programs on the market. Obviously, McAfee was having little trouble generating leads. Nonetheless, they became intrigued by the concept of a cloud-based platform, realizing it would provide easier and more secure data storage. Additionally, while they were generating enormous quantities of leads, their conversion rates were strikingly low in comparison, and they needed to find a solution to balance their lead to conversion ratio.

With marketing automation, they've been able to enhance their view of the customer, allowing them to target their ads to the best channels and significantly boost conversions. Experiencing an increase in conversions of 400 percent, McAfee is able to find new customers easily and fuel the growth of their company.

Marketing automation With enhanced insights, McAfee can generate more conversions from their ads.

Avis Budget

As a leading rental car supplier, Avis Budget is a large enterprise that relies on endless quantities of data to inform marketing and business decisions. Avis wanted a more detailed view of the customer, while increasing the organization of their data. Avis already had mass quantities of high-quality data, but they were having difficulty organizing that data to leverage it effectively.

With marketing automation, they gained the tools needed to store, organize, and manage all data, allowing them to gain a complete view of the customer, while enhancing the efficiency of their marketing campaign. They were also able to back up all of their data to the cloud, so they could store and manage data more securely. With all data consolidated into a single platform, they could analyze data more efficiently, while improving the results of their marketing campaign.

We hear a lot about marketing automation, but it can be hard to separate the fact from the fiction. To fully understand the impacts that marketing automation software can have, it helps to look at some of the most successful companies and understand what's driving their success. Many of the biggest names in business rely on big data and marketing tools to simplify data management, enhance analysis, and fuel leads and conversions.

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