Marketing and Sales Tip #24 - Just Shut Up and Tell Me What I Need to Know

Back to our favorite topic – writing—or, in this instance, writing for the Web. Ragan Communications recently posted 25 tips for busy Web site managers . In it they provided this very intriguing benchmark:

If you expect to get your content read today, you need to keep it very short. Memorize this table:
If you write. . . You’ve lost. . .

100 words 25% of your readers
300 words 40% of your readers
500 words 60% of your readers
1,000 words 80% of your readers

There are, of course, the other writing advisors who counsel that you need to provide all of the information a buyer needs to make a purchase right there on the page? Isn’t there a happy medium? This is the Web, after all. What do you think? How long should web copy be?

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