Marketing and Sales Tip #22 - Forget Everything You Know About B2B Web Site Design

Our beloved advisor, Marketing Sherpa, has released a lengthy study on B2B Web Site Home Page design. The researchers used eye-tracking and multi-site testing techniques to provide numerous lessons that most of us don’t have the budget to discover on our own. I highly recommend purchasing it and putting the lessons into action. Not convinced? Here are a few highlights from the study and some surprises:

  • Don’t copy the big guys or your competitors when it comes to Web site layout. Always design with your user in mind.
  • Here’s a big surprise (but it makes total sense when you think about it) - Having a sticky homepage is no longer the right goal. In the Sherpa tests, homepages with shorter average visit times generated more sales. Think of it as a table of contents – show people how to get to the information they need quickly. 
  • Fewer columns are better as people prefer to read down a list, similar to search engine results. However, you must beware of overly wide columns—do not use more than 65 characters of type across a line).
  • Always use bullets, they receive much of the eye’s attention.

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