Marketing and Sales Tip # 21 - Optimize Your Video for SEO Results

While prepping for my upcoming presentation on Viral Marketing for the Marketing Sherpa B2B Summit, I ran across this excellent posting on Here are three of the 14 best practices listed in the article:

  1. Make sure that your video clips are relevant and informative - For starters, ensure that your video provides useful and informative information. Videos that demonstrate step by step procedures are great, videos that express an opinion about a specific topic can be useful too. Videos that have nothing to do with your brand or service offering or are general or vague in nature will just confuse your audience.
  2. SEO Video Optimization Fundamental Tip #1: Give your video a Catchy Title - Video can be used to bring visitors to your site. One way to get users to view your video is to give it a catchy title that contains a related key phrase that is relevant to your product, service or brand.
  3. Use Video as a Portal to other Content on Your Site - Upload a couple of videos to portals like YouTube and provide links back to related content and other videos on your site.

According to B2B Magazine, currently only 1% of the videos on YouTube are posted by businesses. But I can tell you from experience that viral video is a great tool for B2B Marketers for both brand awareness and demand generation. After I present the details at the B2B Summit, I’ll post a summary on how NetQoS executed a viral video campaign that generated over 66,000 YouTube views and more than $400,000 in opportunities.

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