Marketing and Sales Tip # 20 - Get Real-time Insight into Your Marketing and Sales Funnel

The folks at ReachForce have produced some terrific white papers and an ebook on the importance of Marketing and Sales funnel analysis. Now, the company is moving beyond just “talk” with a  new software-as-a-service product that helps B2B Marketers analyze Sales wins to identify top market segments and target their campaigns at those segments. They are calling it ReachForce Insight, because it integrates with to provide Marketers, like myself, with instant insight into the flow of “deals” through the Marketing and Sales funnel or pipeline.      

In the interests of full disclosure, I am an advisor for the company, in addition to being a long-term customer. One of the perks associated with this role is that I get early access and input into new products. I’ve been beta testing the product for about a month now and (as I said in the quote included in the press release) I’ve found this product to be an important tool for aligning my Marketing programs with Sales.

I  used it initially to identify the vertical markets in which Sales is closing the most deals, and then to build a list of other companies in those markets who are not currently my customers. I then selected the “Add Contacts” button in the product to initiate a contact discovery project to cleanse and augment that list. Less than a week later, I had my list and am using it for a very targeted multi-modal campaign.

The jury is still out on whether these leads and this campaign will perform better than other types of campaigns. Both our Sales and Marketing groups are keeping a close eye on them as we hope to use ReachForce to keep a steady lead flow in the pipeline, to ramp up new territories quickly, and to replace some other  more costly, less-effective campaigns.

And, kudos to ReachForce. It’s nice to see a company walk the walk, instead of talking the talk.

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