Marketing to Accounts, Personas, Solutions or All of The Above? Data Driven Decisions

As we continue our planning for 2015, we find ourselves asking who/what are we really marketing to.

Marketing targets personas.
Sales and Marketing talk Solutions (what we actually sell).
Sales wins by pitching the right Solution to the right Persona.

How does all of this ladder up to a crisp and concise message that resonates with our audience AND is easy for our teams to communicate?

Because of who we are, we decided to go to the data for the answers. In a dream world everything would be in a single system or database and we’d be able to use a simple search field to get the answers. Data unification utopia if you will. After a minute or 2 of dreamland, oh the power we would have if we could slice and dice data, we started making a list of what information we needed to get there. We’ll figure out where to go get it next.

Current customer data: We can start with our customer wins from this year. Here’s what we looked for:

  • New logo wins in 2014
  • New logo company size, revenue
  • Buyer Persona - who was the key decision maker
  • How many personas were involved in the purchase decision
  • What did they buy
  • What was deal size - below or above average?
  • How long did sales cycle take
  • Were we able to pitch additional solutions
  • Did they buy more than once
  • What is the opportunity potential for each new customer (cross sell/upsell conversations)
  • Any Customer Support information/requests

Marketing Support

  • Lead source
  • What sparked the initial conversation (marketing event, content, social engagement, etc)
  • What marketing did our buyer personas engage with – looking for trends, patterns, opportunities for optimization, communication preferences
  • What contact info do we have on our new customers – email, physical address, social handles, phone number, admin’s info
  • How long between first engagement and opportunity creation?
  • Did we market to them while in active Sales cycle?

WOW.  This is a lot of information.  #marketingbigdata
Did we miss anything?  Please share anything you are looking at to better target your marketing and sales efforts in 2015.
Tomorrow we'll share more about collecting all of this information and then figuring out how to process it.

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