Market to the Entire Decision-Making Unit

In most if not all B2B sales processes, there is more than one person involved in the buying decision. It could be any number of people that serve any number of roles within the organization, and getting everyone on the same page can be challenging.

Each member is probably involved for different reasons and should therefore be marketed to differently. Your message to each of them should be tailored to respond to their specific pain. For example, an executive may care about how this new product is going to increase efficiencies while the actual end user may care more about ease of use and if it integrates well with other systems already in use.

Here are some tips to remember when building a program for the entire decision-making unit:

  • Make the most of your first impression (think of something that would really get your attention if it came across your desk)
  • Tailor messages to each member of the decision-making unit
  • Don't depend on someone else to champion you, create awareness with everyone and champion yourself within the decision-making unit
  • Everyone loves a good competition (this can create urgency within the decision-making unit and encourage action - think of radio stations, "the first X callers win concert tickets")
  • If it doesn't work for everyone, continue testing and tweaking (don't be afraid to try, try, and try again)

For more tips on how to use the decision-making unit for account-based marketing, check out Tuesday's post here

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