Listening to More than Just your Brand

Happy Monday! I wanted to share a cool new tool for sales teams out there from some friends of ours.

New content is being created faster than we can consume it.  With so many new outlets for open conversation and content sharing it’s nearly impossible to keep up. We’re all busy but if we’re not listening, we’re missing opportunity. Sorting through, prioritizing and digesting all of this information isn’t just a marketing problem either.

While you’re busy monitoring your brand your Sales teams is looking for any reason to have another conversation with a hot prospect.  Your Account Managers are responsible for knowing your customers inside and out.  This requires listening to them and what’s being said about him.  Your Business Development leaders are looking for new opportunities in the channel and with partners.  Your Product Managers are tracking your competitors every move.  And your Executive team is probably listening to all of the above.

You’d think it’s impossible to search out everything being said about a company.  There’s news, published articles, blog posts, tweets, company profile updates, contact changes, status updates and so much more hidden in the long tail.

Our friends at workstreamer think it actually IS possible.  They are working on the first FREE social business listening service enabling you to listen to customers, prospects, competitors, partners and vendors all in one place.  And if you can’t tune in for live updates you get an email each morning with the previous days’ updates.

Workstreamer is in BETA and looking to their user community to help them build out both the functionality and the breadth of content needed to make real business decisions.  Signup and give it a whirl and share it with your team.

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