Leveraging Brand Champions with an Influencer Marketing Mindset

Your brand champions are your most fervent customers. They see your company as critical to their company's success and they view you as their number one supplier. Maintaining that incumbent position is easy for your company because these customers don't even entertain the idea of going to your competitors. You just seem to do everything right.

You have the marketing data at your fingertips. You know who these champions are. You know what they think about your enterprise and why they keep coming back. Now is the time to use your best customers to propagate a message. Now it's time to start leveraging brand champions with an influencer marketing mindset.

Guest Posts: Yes, guest posts are still important. Having your brand champion write a guest post about a common industry-wide problem or concern is a great way to leverage market influencers. It's not about selling your product or pushing your solutions. It's about a soft-sell approach where your brand champion presents an issue and provides insight into how those issues can be resolved.

Piggybacking on Social Media Popularity: Your influencer doesn't have to be the most widely-recognized or most popular individual in your market. They simply need to have a social media following. They need to be seen as a relevant resource of knowledge in your market. Other customers must see them as experts in their field and their voice must matter. Don't just become connected with them on Social Media. Get involved and promote one another. This is a great way to drive traffic to specific landing pages.

Interviews and Videos: Interviews and videos alongside your brand champions are a great way to leverage their influence. This is your opportunity to promote your product or service. You have the marketing data available that outlines what customers are concerned about in your industry, what they want resolved and what pressing questions they need answered. Use that data to your advantage. Take your customers through an engaging video alongside your most loyal customer.

Webinars: Live online events like webinars and podcasts are great ways to leverage the marketing data you currently have while also being a fantastic source of new leads. Notify your market in advance of this great resource you'll have in the webinar. Give them insight in to your brand champion's background. Notify attendees of this market influencer's experience in your market. Finally, make sure to have a question and answer period at the end where your market influencer can address any questions the audience may have.

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Cross Promotion: Yes, online cross promotion works. You can promote each other's products and solutions on each other's website or landing pages. You can create a strategic partnership with your chosen market influencer. Each of these aforementioned items are examples of cross promotion, but using them in unison is what will eventually distinguish this partnership from others.

There are numerous ways to cross promote with your brand champions. It might include promoting each other on newsletters, email campaigns or having a separate page or logo on your website describing the partnership and its importance to your brand and your company's future.

Influencer marketing requires a willingness to use the marketing data at your disposal. Identify your brand champions and then leverage their influence across your market. You'll find that their insight is widely appreciated by colleagues, friends and like-minded professionals.

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