Less Intrusive Landing Pages: How Simplified Lead Capture Forms Increase Conversion Rates

It's well-known that today's audiences have short attention spans. Instant gratification has become a necessary evil. Everyone has so little time, everyone needs easy information and everyone needs immediate answers. When approximately 55% of visitors abandon a webpage within 15 seconds, then you know you have to catch a user's attention, keep them engaged and convert them with a simplified lead capture form. So, how do you make this happen?

#1) Don't Overwhelm with Too Much Information

A common mistake is having too much information. The idea is to try and answer as many questions as possible with all kinds of content, links, icons and sidebars. It doesn't work. Websites that are too busy are immediately abandoned. Again, it's a question of time and users are easily frustrated when they're forced to spend too much time searching for information. It doesn't matter how well-presented or how well-written that information is. If it's too cumbersome, too much, and too confusing, then visitors will leave. It's just that simple.

#2) Maximize White Space

Ever notice how simple Google's website is? Whitespace everywhere and nothing more than a single Google icon and search box. Now, this doesn't mean your website should be that simple. After all, Google has a universal and well-recognized brand. However, it does mean that you shouldn't be afraid to use whitespace. It presents a clean website. It makes it easier to notice what matters, easier to identify your offer and it's welcoming to visitors. In the end, whitespace disarms visitors who might be apprehensive about what they're about to see.

#3) Eliminate Pop-Ups

Do away with the popups. They're intrusive and make visitors question your motives. Keep it simple and straightforward. Eliminate the advertisements, the unnecessary banners and the constant sidebar popups. You're not running a blog. Your website and landing pages must appear professional. Your goal is to convert as many visitors as possible by giving them the information they need. Nothing is more important than that.

Lead capture Content marketing works alongside a simple lead capture form.

#4) Strong SEO Techniques and a Definitive Call-To-Action

Keyword research still matters. Do your research beforehand and be sure those keywords are incorporated on your landing page. Equally important is what you say. Make it clear, concise and on point. Your content marketing strategy should be geared towards a soft sell approach, one where your content guides a prospect towards a decision in your favor. Again, don't rely too much on the written word. Today's audiences would much rather see an engaging video than read an elongated and drawn-out text. That video should immediately state your purpose, define the most common industry-wide problems and clarify your chosen solution.

#5) Simplified Lead Capture Form

Keeping it simple means making it easy for prospects to get converted. That involves using a short lead capture form, one that's easy to fill out, easy to understand and one that doesn't ask visitors to fill out too much information. They've made it this far because your landing page is welcoming. Don't blow it by asking them to fill out a long and drawn out questionnaire. Keep it simple.

Remember that your customers don't have a lot of time. They need quick and easy information and don't want to be overwhelmed with popups and confusing text. Use strong SEO strategies to drive prospects to a welcoming landing page and then convert them with a short lead capture form. The end result should be an increase in conversion rates.

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