Lead Nurturing, a Pipeline Full of Bluebirds

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Let's consider The Bluebird. That beautiful lead that flies in our door, sales ready, BANT-confirmed, with authority to buy now - and does. Out of our control, out of nowhere. 

But ... what if we could change the game, and through lead nurturing, build a Pipeline of Bluebirds. Leads that not only fly in the door, day in and day out, but do so repeatedly, predictably -- and faster than ever before, at twice the volume.

To those of us in demand generation, even using marketing automation, this sounds like pure fantasy - but it also sounds exactly what the sales team expects at all times. Maybe that's the real problem with sales and marketing alignment.

This concept of bluebirds is one of hope, of anticipation, of achievement. But it's really not a fantasy.

What's clear - and most of us using it would agree - is that marketing automation adoption does not necessarily increase leads. What increases leads is good marketing programs, a sound data base, the right staffing and great strategy and execution - and when those are combined with marketing automation, the results can be jaw-dropping.

In the course of the last year, ReachForce has investigated numerous case studies to document the impact of both improved marketing solutions and better marketing approaches. We routinely examine the impact data enrichment and a strong data foundation create. In case after case, we have found double-digit improvements in every step of the waterfall, and one client was able to document a 6 month reduction in driving marketing leads to sales-ready. Now the leads are so ready for the sales team that they contentedly admit that although they initially didn't believe it was possible to stop hammering on prospects and just work the marketing nurtured leads, once they just started only working these they saw how much easier and more satisfying the sales process was.

Kinda like a pipeline full of bluebirds.

We'll be bringing this message to the marketers over the next few weeks, with ReachForce whistle stops in Boston, Denver and San Francisco for the Eloqua Experience October 23 - 25.


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