Lead Generation Tip: You Need Enriched Marketing Data

Your landing pages represent valuable website real estate, because they enable you to capture site visitors' information with lead forms. By providing something of value beyond the lead capture form, you can convert website visitors into leads and capture important marketing data about them. When designed well and used in coordination with marketing campaigns, landing pages are terrific for gathering leads, and if you collect sufficient relevant marketing data from your landing pages, you have the basis for developing those leads into customers, bolstering your marketing return on investment.

The More High Quality Marketing Data You Have, The Better

When you have contact information from a landing page that's mapped to an actual person in your target market, you want to engage with them, learn more about them, and follow their purchasing journey. But you might also be interested in contacts linked to real people who aren't exactly in your target market. Regardless, capturing accurate, up-to-date marketing data from these people empowers you to evaluate and pursue these valuable leads. And the more you know about these leads, the better you can target your marketing and improve your chances for a sale.

Asking For Too Much Right Away Can Drive Potential Customers Away

There is, however, a problem with coming out and asking for too much information right up front. Most people have no problem with entering a few basic information items like name, email address, and company name on a landing page form. But the more marketing data you ask for, the less likely the person is to bother providing it. Potential customers don't want to give you their life story just so they can read a white paper. And studies have shown that reducing the number of questions asked of visitors to landing pages can increase leads while reducing the cost of those leads.

Enriched Marketing Data Solutions Gather Data Without Being Intrusive

How do you balance your need to gather valuable marketing data from those who reach your landing pages with visitors' needs to get the information they want quickly without feeling like they're being harangued for information? Enriched marketing data is the answer.

Technology now allows you to equip your landing pages with brief forms that visitors won't find overly intrusive while at the same time gathering powerful, accurate marketing data that turns them into solid leads. Solutions like SmartForms draw from hundreds of millions of global records that undergo regular cleansing for accuracy and timeliness to deliver outstanding marketing data based on brief information provided by your landing page visitors.

What Does Enriched Marketing Data Offer?

What it means is that in addition to the basics you ask for on your landing page form (name, business name, email, phone number) your page will automatically gather much more extensive information, like where visitors are located geographically, where their company headquarters are located, and the companies' annual revenues. The marketing data is cleansed for accuracy before it ever gets into your lead database. As a result, you can market more effectively and more quickly - often before your competitor can even gather enough information to effectively pursue leads.

Making the best marketing decisions requires access to the most up-to-date and correct marketing data. And when you get that data automatically appended to information provided by landing page visitors, the efficiency of the marketing process soars.


Marketing data is good, but enriched marketing data is superior. While you can attempt to gather the information yourself through your landing page forms, presenting visitors with an extensive form they must complete before accessing information can be off-putting. Shorter landing page forms lead to higher conversions, and with solutions like SmartForms you can use short landing page forms while still gathering enriched marketing data automatically. It's a solution that makes things convenient for site visitors and delivers the marketing data you need to maximize your marketing ROI. If you'd like to learn more about how SmartForms can help you, you can get a demo today to see it for yourself.

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