Landing Page Clinic - Find Out How to Drive More B2B Leads

As an experiential learner, I like to get hands-on and try things out. That's probably why I think Brian Massey is so terrific - I learn something every time I see him speak. Part of that is because Brian, The Conversion Scientist, never stops researching some of the more unexpected triggers that drive landing page conversion. Another part is, I think he knows that even in business, the audience hates to be bored - so he's quite entertaining.

But the best part is, Brian will visit your live landing page, and give you practical, immediately actionable tips, that will drive more leads. And since we spend a lot of time working with B2B marketers to drive increased landing page conversions with SmartForms, adding Brian's wisdom to the mix is a no-brainer.

That's why March 7, we're hosting a live free B2B landing page clinic - and you'll have the chance to get your pages critiqued (or if you miss the live show, sign in for the recorded replay).

Brian will draw from over a decade of research and hundreds of clients to demonstrate how straightforward it is to build landing pages that convert more page visitors into converted leads -- and how to improve existing B2B landing pages with some thoughtful adjustments.

 "Conversion is the science of turning Web traffic into leads and sales. It is the art of engaging a visitor and helping them solve their problems," Massey said. "When you get conversion right, all of your marketing programs become less expensive. I hope you'll join with me in making the Web a great place for surfers and a profitable place for your business."

He will then take his research into the field - and point out the good and the bad of webinar attendees' landing pages -- live. Registrants simply submit a page they would like reviewed when registering for the event.

The webinar is designed for attendees to leave with a very good understanding of:

What are the key components of any good landing page?

What makes landing pages seem so hard?

Which advice should I take from my designer?

When should we stop designing and just launch the page?


The Details

When: Thursday, March 7, 2013

Time: 2pm EST, 1pm CST, 11pm PST

Length: 1 fast hour

Data Quality Management B2B content marketing conversion optimization landing page conversion

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