Key Initiatives for 2011 - How are you tackling them?

We kicked off this year asking our customers and marketing leads database (key marketing decision makers) what their priorities were for the New Year (2011). I know you are probably shaking your head and thinking...“Just like everyone else.” Yep, just like everyone else...because we wanted to know first hand.

While "New Year" surveys are nothing new and exciting it is interesting to see how we address the challenges uncovered in these surveys throughout the year.

We are now about 6 weeks into the 2011.  Are you challenged with any of these common themes?  Do you have a plan of action in place to ensure these same challenges aren't on your 2012 list of to do's?

Here are a few themes we think are worth a reminder and some other interesting 2011 insights from our friends at @marketingsherpa and @SiriusDecisions that support what we found.

  • 31% of ReachForce survey respondents said that between 5-25% of their overall budget goes to lead gen
  • 49% of those surveyed (by RF) don’t have a marketing automation platform but are looking
  • 70% of those surveyed (by RF) said that sales and marketing alignment is key for them in 2011 - what are the other 30% doing?  Looking for a new job?
  • 83% of those surveyed said that the ability to segment their database was important - We like hearing marketers realizing that better targeting and segmentation of messages drive better results! Singin' our song.

Another key stat that we saw was that 74% of our respondents said that quality data is key for them in 2011 which was also echoed in the recent MarketingSherpa's 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report where 78% of their respondents said that generating quality leads was a key initiative.

The SiriusDecisons Research Brief - The Impact of Bad Data on Demand Creation, illustrates to a tee how dirty data can gum up your marketing efforts and why quality data is so key for demand generation.  So what do you think?  Can you relate? Are you making any progress on knocking these down?  Maybe we need another survey asking about progress...hmmm...maybe.

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