It's (Almost) a Wrap! A Review & Recap of Big Data Marketing in 2016

Before we carve the turkey and hang the tinsel on the tree and pour a glass of champagne, let's take a moment to pause and consider exactly how far big data marketing came this year. Remember just a few short months ago, when everyone was still getting a handle on this big data thing? Now it's mainstream. Most marketers take its position in their businesses and departments for granted. While there is still a lot of ground to gain in this endeavor, 2016 saw significant progress. Here are the most notable advancements.

Most Marketers Have the Big Data Marketing Tools They Need

The number of tools marketers have to collect and analyze their data hasn't changed. What has changed is the ready acceptance of integration tools and the ability to gather data from numerous streams and sources, consolidate it, and find new insight from collections of data rather than disparate sets of siloed data. 2016 didn't mark the end of data silos, but it does represent the beginning of the end.

Most Marketers Have Nailed It with Mobile

Mobilegeddon and its effects have come and gone. Most marketers are doing a spectacular job, not only of delivering excellent mobile user experiences via their websites, but also by providing mobile apps with exclusive content and special offers. Big data marketing thrives with the rich streams of data that come in on mobile customers. This data can be added to other marketing data for a comprehensive, holistic view of the customer.

Most Marketers Have Migrated Beyond the Simple 'Customer Persona'

Customer personas just don't cut it. Using big data marketing techniques, marketers are learning to segment personas for a more granular, personalized picture of who their customers are, what they need, and how to deliver it to them. Ironically, it took massive quantities of big data to show us the individual customer. Businesses haven't been able to get to know him/her this well since the era of the Mom & Pop corner store.

Most Marketers are Leveraging Social Media to Its Potential

Big data marketing You're on top of your own social media accounts. Now it's time to reach out to the social universe at large.

Like mobile, social isn't a new bag of tricks for big data marketing anymore. Social is a normal, essential part of marketing and customer service. The next step is to move beyond mere service and monitoring via your own social media channels. It involves leveraging the entire social firehose to learn more about the customer's activities elsewhere on the Internet, as well as what people say about your industry, your brand, and your products outside your own social media accounts.

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