Is Inbound Marketing Trashing My Outbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is all the rage. Social media has us consumed.  B2B Marketers are creating more content than ever before.  We’re optimizing everything we possibly can all with the intention of driving more people to our sites, engaging with them and offering them opportunities to raise their hand and announce themselves.

For many of us, it’s working!  Visitors are showing up at rates we’ve never seen before. Some are just stopping by to see what we’re offering, some clicking around the site to check us out and of course those that decide to take the bait, oops, I mean fill out the lead form.

We think we’ve got them.  Well, at least some of them.

As we all know, a decent percentage of these “new” leads entered invalid contact information or incomplete information or maybe their A key stuck and that’s why they only entered As in the available form fields.  Whatever the reason, we now have dirty data.

Like most good marketers you probably have your web forms set up to create new leads in your CRM or marketing automation database.

That dirty form data has now contaminated your house list.  The same list you use for lead nurturing campaigns and telemarketing follow up.

You see where I’m going with this.  If you’re driving visitors to landing pages and encouraging them to fill out forms and then using these opted-in visitors to fuel outbound programs... inbound is trashing outbound.

You can’t control your visitor but, here’s a few things to help ensure your inbound marketing doesn’t sabotage your outbound marketing and follow up efforts:

  • Make sure all forms require a valid email address.  Content, demo access or other offer behind the form should only be emailed to the email address given.  No direct access with form submit.
  • Set up a rule in your CRM or marketing automation system to only create leads when an email has been delivered from the form.
  • Inbound leads should be marked in your marketing automation system or CRM with a form source.  This will be key in reporting on inbound conversion results.
  • Inbound leads should go to a lead nurturing program and those with no additional engagement go through a data cleansing and augmenting service
  • Incomplete and bounced email records can also go through data cleansing for a minimal cost.

Don’t get caught up in all the excitement of the traffic and lead forms coming in.  Fueling an outbound or follow up campaign with dirty data is going to hurt more down the road with compromised marketing results and wasted sales resources.

Wondering how much Dirty Data you’re sitting on?  Contact ReachForce for a free data assessment.

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