Is Database Migration Giving You a Headache? Here's a Simple Cure

No one ever said big data management would be easy, but with effort and determination, the returns are well worth the effort. That being said, perhaps the greatest headache of big data is the process of database migration. Though it sounds so simple on the surface, it can actually be a grueling process that many marketers dread. However, there are methods of greatly expediting the database migration process, so you can get your new data management platform up and running more quickly.

The Greatest Challenges of Database Migration

There are a variety of challenges that people face when migrating data to a new platform. Some of the greatest issues to consider are:

The scope of the task. The length of time required to migrate data will largely depend on the quantity of data you're migrating. For larger businesses, the process will likely take much longer.
Cleaning and organizing the data. Now that you're migrating the data to a new platform, you might as well use it as an opportunity to gain a fresh start. This means combing through your old database and ridding it of all duplicate datasets, outdated data, incorrect or improperly formatted data, or data that isn't serving a necessary function to your business.
Creating a migration schedule. Since the process of migration can take some time, you need to create a migration schedule that prioritizes your most essential data. Consider which departments or types of data are of the greatest relevance to your business, and schedule those datasets to be migrated first, working your way toward the less necessary data as you progress.
Consider your future. Since database migration can often be a headache, use this as an opportunity to plan for the future. Consider how versatile and scalable your new platform is and whether a database migration will be needed again in the future.

While all of these challenges inevitably make the process of database migration lengthy, it will also ensure you migrate data in a way that will best support your new data management platform.

Simplify the Migration Process and Save Yourself the Headache

While the process of data migration sounds scary, there are actually some easy ways to simplify the process. Perhaps the most crucial aspect is opting for a cloud-based platform. Migrating data to the cloud will actually make it much easier to migrate data down the road, should you ever need to undergo the process again. In terms of data cleansing, an automated data cleansing software can greatly expedite the process, which will reduce your workload exponentially.

Database migration Put away that aspirin. With the cloud, data migration is simple!

Data cleansing software is based on algorithms that automatically detect duplicate, incorrect, and improperly formatted data, helping to rid the system of dirty data, while ensuring improperly formatted data is standardized to match your typical data formatting. Also, with the right database management software, like a marketing automation software, you can migrate all data to the cloud. This will ensure complete data integration across all departments, and at the same time, you will have access to a highly scalable platform that will continue to meet all of your data storage needs.

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