Is 2016 the Year for Workplace Automation?

The threat of a robot uprising has long been a theme in science fiction novels, and in 2016, it's beginning to look like reality. Workplace automation is a trending concept, as businesses seek out ways to operate more efficiently and for less money. Yet, contrary to the fear of many, experts say that automation will actually create more jobs than it replaces, making it a viable solution for businesses and employees alike.

The Rise of Automation Technology in the Workplace

Robots have long played a role in the manufacturing industry, but their impact is now seeping into other industries as well, and even into the modern day office. Automation technology refers to any software that conducts tasks automatically, thus reducing manual labor. From data entry to email blasts, businesses of all sizes are turning to automation in hopes of designing a more efficient workplace. A recent 2016 Accenture survey found that 70 percent of corporate executives are planning to increase funding for Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, as the demand on smart software and workplace automation increases.

What Types of Tasks Can Be Automated?

While some companies are getting clever with drones and advanced robotics, these solutions simply aren't practical for the smaller companies. For SMBs, however, there are still countless tasks that can be automated by software alone. According to a report conducted by McKinsey & Company, about 45 percent of the paid workload could be automated, and this statistic spans all industries.

Is Automation Bad for Workers?

There has long been a fear that automation will take over the workplace, resulting in a reduced need for human labor. However, to the contrary, experts anticipate that automation will help to create new jobs in the future, rather than replacing jobs. Furthermore, task automation can actually improve the life of employees. It automates the menial tasks that require little thought or effort but consume considerable time. Thus, employees can devote their brain power to more productive and engaging tasks, resulting in increased job satisfaction.

Workplace automation
Fear not! The robots aren't coming for your jobs but simply easing your workload.

Will Automation Have a Negative Impact on Quality?

Whereas once the majority of products were crafted by hand, today, the marketplace is dominated by machine-manufactured goods, many of which are of substandard quality compared to their handcrafted counterparts. Will the automation of tasks result in a similar decline in quality? To the contrary, task automation can actually improve quality, provided it's used wisely. Your business needs to ensure it's automating the right tasks, while still encouraging human intervention when needed. For instance, automating menial tasks, like data collection, can reduce human error, thus improving quality. However, when it comes to data analysis, that's a task best left to the sharpest of human minds.

Accenture has found that businesses are more intrigued by task automation and AI than ever before, with the majority increasing funding to support these technologies. Marketing automation software is one way to begin automating the business workload immediately, while simultaneously improving results from your marketing campaign. Marketing automation makes it more efficient to collect, manage, and analyze data, so your team can stop wasting time on mundane tasks and focus their attention on the complex analysis that drives your company forward.

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