Introducing SmartForms: Increased Conversions, Decreased Costs

Although I typically try to keep ReachForce-specific information at a minimum here at the B2B Lead, every once in a while there’s news that would be absolutely criminal not to share. Call it a moral imperative.

Today we announced the release of SmartForms - a game-changer for B2B marketers (and a heck of a good friend to sales).

We sent out a press release earlier this morning (you can find it here), but the message in the release was essentially this: SmartForms is a new product from ReachForce that increases conversion rates, decreases cost per lead, enables better targeting & segmentation, speeds up the hand-off between sales and marketing, and helps you build better lead nurturing and lead scoring models.

In short, ask less and convert more.  SmartForms technology sits invisibly at the point of conversion and enables you to ask for a very few number of fields while still getting all of the data needed to run your business.

A free trial of SmartForms is currently available as we launch. Click here to get a deeper dive and to request a demo. There are already 15 SmartForms customers pre-launch including marketing leaders like Marketo.

FYI, if you’re already a SmartForms user, please let me know how you’re doing here. Other readers would certainly benefit from your insight and experience thus far. More to follow…

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