Influence the Buying Process with Automated Marketing

Engagement Systems is one of the newer players in the marketing automation space. We let them "speak for themselves" earlier this week, but I wanted to dive further to check out some of their content.  So far they only have a few whitepapers and case studies, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of their content.  Their whitepaper, Influence the Buying Process with Automated Marketing, is a quick read packed with great tips.  The whitepaper promises 10 tactics for improving revenue and ROI now.  After the explantion of each tactic they offer a take-away (great idea for your next whitepaper or eBook).  Here are the take-aways from the whitepaper:

  1. Don’t let prospects fall through the cracks. Protect your marketing investment and maximize resources through better lead qualification and lead nurturing.
  2. Unify sales and marketing in the pursuit of common goals.
  3. Continue generating leads, but put greater emphasis on nurturing activities as well as retention and winback strategies to maximize customer lifetime revenue.
  4. Make sure that you have all the materials in place to be the resource for information to support your buyer.
  5. Map out the buying process and help prospects and customers navigate their way to a buying decision.
  6. Automate the sales and marketing process by setting event and behavior triggers that utilize intelligent marketing automation to autoexecute marketing touches.
  7. Deploy one-to-one communications for more meaningful dialogue with prospects and customers to shorten the buying process.
  8. Commit to an ongoing learning process; employ a valuable exchange of information to align your product and service offerings with the changing needs and interests of each individual buyer.
  9. Deploy multiple means of outreach to ensure that your message is received, and to move the customer towards a purchase position relative to their individual needs and interests.
  10. Establish ongoing contact with customers to preserve satisfaction, increase up-selling and cross-selling, and decrease customer defections.

Be sure to read the entire whitepaper for the full story.  It is definitely worth the read.

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