Inbound Marketing Summit, Day One

In New York? At the Inbound Marketing Summit? Be sure to swing by and say hello. Day one has come to a close, and there have been a great number of panels, keynotes, and content from a remarkably wide variety of leaders and industries. In fact, from the moment Barry Libert finished up the first keynote with the thought that, “We are one degree of separation from 11,000 people,” IMS New York promised to be a phenomenal event.

More to follow on the sessions, and the speed bumps, but for now, a few highlights from the Twitter stream sum up the day nicely:

@Outsourced_CCO – No channels are dead – think of marketing like an orchestra. Tune your instruments to get the best sound!

@wendicc – It’s about relationship building. We all want to get to the 2d date.

@collsdad – Nike has dropped traditional ad spend by 40% in 3 years while increasing revenue through community engagement

@customeralchemy – Behind each FB ‘like’ is a customer with needs and wants; we have to figure out how to address them.

@marypratt64 – Toilets know more about you than social networks

Data Quality Management #IMS12 inbound marketing

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