Ideas to Increase Email Campaign Open Rates

There was a time when companies treated their email marketing and online newsletters as a numbers game. More email recipients presumably meant more online lead generation. This lead to companies buying email contact lists and sending campaigns to people who never agreed to receive those campaigns. Companies inundated their industry with endless email blasts in a useless attempt at increasing online lead generation.

Today's email marketing campaigns are different. The focus is now on the quality of recipients and not the quantity. This has put a renewed emphasis on strategies to increase email open rates. The more interesting and engaging your email, the more likely it is to be opened. Here are six strategies to improve your B2B email open rates.

1. Using Reward Programs

Get customers on a reward schedule and then provide them with a monthly statement as part of your email campaign. Your customers will want to know what they have gained in their program and when they can cash in. Even if a customer is not on a reward plan, the mere mention that it is available is enough to incentivize them to click. Reward programs are a great way to build your brand and increase online lead generation.

2. Product Liquidations

Do you need to liquidate product immediately? If so, then making that offer upfront on email campaigns will increase open rates. Product liquidations are a great way to reduce your company's inventory costs, while also helping your sales team make those all-important revenue numbers.

3. New Product Launches

If you have a new product to launch, or an upgraded version of an existing product, then announce it on your next email or newsletter. State when the product launch date will be. Incentivize customers with a discount. Create some excitement with an attention-grabbing headline about how the product will benefit your customers. Online lead generation is all about getting customers to act and a new product launch will get customers excited.

Online lead generation Email marketing is all about improving customer relationships.

4. Discounted Pricing

Do not provide the actual price of a product in the title of the email. Instead, use percentages and bold statements about the savings you are offering. All companies are concerned about costs. They all want to lower expenditures and improve their bottom line. Announcing that discounted pricing is available to those who take advantage of the offer is sure to increase your open rates.

5. Special Offers

Limited offers are a great way to incentivize customers and a proven strategy for online lead generation. One-time offers give customers a reason to inquire right away. Use special offers alongside some of the other strategies mentioned above and your customers will be more inclined to open that next email.

6. News, Recent Trends, and Market Insight

Incorporate news items, best practices and recent trends into your email headlines. Make it an attention-grabbing headline and provide as much relevant information as possible. Customers are more inclined to open your email campaigns if they think the email is a relevant source of important information.

In fact, of all these strategies, this one might just be the most important. When you can connect with your audience by providing them with information they cannot get elsewhere, then you are sure to increase online lead generation and generate new business opportunities.

Think outside the box. Make your emails and newsletters something to which your customers constantly look forward. Do not just rely upon one of these strategies. Incorporate each of them at different times and you will increase your online lead generation significantly.

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