How to Use Video for More Powerful B2B Lead Generation

According to Google, video is the most popular type of content searched for by both business persons and consumers. Video is also growing in popularity among B2B marketers which makes it a powerful tool for creating brand and product awareness, generating leads, and helping customers along the buying process.

Why Video is Effective

Video is excellent for SEO purposes, both because it's frequently sought and because search engines tend to place a high ranking on video content in their algorithms. But videos aren't just helpful in searches -- it's also powerful in email marketing, increasing the rates of email opening, generating a higher click through rate, and according to marketers using videos in email, makes potential customers more likely to end up buying their products or services.

How to Plan a Good Video

The best videos for targeting most buyers (including high-level B2B buyers like CEOs and CFOs) are three to five minutes long. This length usually allows you enough time to fully explain a concept or illustrate an important point, but it isn't so long that it's distracting during the workday. Also, determine which metrics will be used to judge the success of the video. Will you measure success in terms of leads generated? Actual sales? Something else?

Define Your Audience

You need to carefully craft your video for the audience it is intended to target. Are these high-level decision makers or lower-level employees conducting research on the company's behalf? How much knowledge, experience, and education does your target audience have? Are they seasoned veterans familiar with all of the jargon, or entry-level workers who need some explanation of the key terms and concepts? Utilize your lead data segmentation practices to target leads that will respond to video more positively.

What Type of Video to Use

There are many different video formats, each one more effective for particular messages and certain target audiences. Animated cartoons, news-style talking heads, whiteboard presentations, time-lapse photography, an interview with your CEO or senior product developer, documentary style, product demonstration, on-location video, and multimedia presentations can all be effective for the right audience and message.

What Tone to Set in Your Video

B2B lead generation Don't talk down to or above the head of your audience.

Just be sure you aren't talking down to your audience (like giving senior analysts a silly cartoon on basic programming) or talking above their heads (making entry-level workers doing research on the company's behalf feel inferior because they don't catch all the tech speak you put in your uppity whiteboard presentation). Speak to your audience on their level.

Making the Most of the 'Extra Touches'

The phrase 'the devil is in the details' certainly applies here. Use the extra touches like subtitles, background music, voiceovers, etc. to supplement and enhance your video. Be sure that these don't become bothersome or distracting. Keep subtitles in the periphery of the video, taking care that these don't bleed into the viewer's field of vision and detract from what the video is actually showing. Adjust the sound level so that the music doesn't overpower the speaker. Choose a pleasant sounding voice for any voiceovers, and don't go overboard by explaining what's readily obvious in the video itself.

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