How to Use Big Data to Improve Your Marketing Strategy (+ Free Report)

If you haven't heard of big data by now, you must be living under a rock. Even worse, your business is in for a major reality check, as you'll likely slide behind your competitors in the coming years. Big data is the single most important factor in creating a thriving business model and molding a marketing campaign into a lead-generating machine.

What Is Big Data?

Data refers to all of the customer information, statistics, or relevant business information that your company acquires over the years. Big data is the cumulative datasets your company acquires that can be analyzed to reveal trends and associations that benefit your business. Big data is often so vast that it can't be analyzed manually, and instead, companies need to rely on computational processes for leveraging and making sense of big data.

How Is Big Data Utilized?

Big data can be utilized in any number of ways. It can identify trends among the shopping habits of customers. It can pinpoint the average demographic information of your primary customers. Big data can highlight inefficiencies in your workflow. Virtually any question you have regarding the state of business or your current business processes can be answered by analyzing big data. Some of the primary ways companies are utilizing big data are to:

  • Identify shopping trends, so businesses can highlight their top-selling products and eliminate underperforming product lines.
  • Identify demographic trends, so businesses can cater to the specific age groups, locations, income levels, and ethnicities most likely to patronize their company.
  • Identify poorly performing advertisements to eliminate wasteful aspects of marketing.
  • Segment customer data to create customized marketing campaigns that cater to specific groups of shoppers.

Big data is being used in a lot of key ways, and it's up to you to decide what your specific goals are for leveraging and applying big data to your business.

How Can Your Company Leverage Big Data to Improve Marketing?

Big data is undeniably useful to your marketing strategy. The key is understanding the ways to leverage that data to fuel sales.



1. Understand your target audience. Analyzing big data can help you get to know your target audience. You can pinpoint the average ages, ethnicities, income brackets, and geographical locations that impact your sales, so you can cater more specifically to those markets. You can also gain an understanding of the major factors influencing sales, such as the impact of social media, the accessibility of store locations, the ease of online shopping, and more.

2. Pinpoint the best pricing strategies. Pricing and marketing go hand in hand. No matter how many leads you drive to your website, it's of little merit if your price tags drive people away. Prices need to remain competitive and reasonable, while still offering you the highest profit margin. Use your data to identify variations in pricing and how it impacts your overall sales, so you can settle on prices that benefit both you and the customer.

3. Send the right message. One of the main reasons marketing strategies fail to produce results is because the message isn't resonating with customers. You can use big data to understand which messages have the greatest impact on customers, so each advertisement is designed around their specific interests.

Are Your Marketing Strategies Data-Driven?

A data-driven approach to marketing is a virtual necessity today, as B2B clients expect a level of personalization and focus previously unattainable via older marketing models. To embrace a truly data-driven marketing strategy, you have to have confidence that your data is of high quality. That is where a strong data management solution comes into the picture.

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