How to Up Your Lead Generation Game When Customer Attention Spans are Down

Would you be surprised to hear that less than 4 percent of page views lasted for more than 10 minutes? And here you were thinking that your website answered every possible question any prospect might have, and it might, but that's not the point. Ultimately, when it comes to lead generation, less is more

Attention spans are down and either your big data marketing team will adjust to today's audience, or you'll see a severe decrease in conversion rates. Most digital marketing teams understand that you have to immediately catch your prospect's attention. However, how do you do that exactly?

What are some strategies that make sure your lead generation strategies are up to par in a digital world where customer attention spans are at a premium? Better yet, what big data marketing tools do you have available that can increase lead generation given how quickly prospects abandon pursuit? Granted, these are a lot of questions to answer. To help, here's how to up your lead generation game when customer attention spans are down.

1. Less is More

Each of your landing pages has to be focused on delivering a focused message. Get rid of the advertisements, the irritating popups and any other banner or distraction that comes across as intrusive. Your prospects aren't interested in having to navigate an elaborate maze. They don't want to get lost on a landing page that's too busy for them. Instead, focus on a clear design that maximizes whitespace and directs your prospect's focus on what truly matters.

Don't just apply this simple strategy to your landing pages. Take it a step further. Your content should be concise and to the point. Break up your information into manageable chunks. Use the same strategy for your digital advertising and email lead generation strategies. You'll find it's easier for prospects to disseminate the information in front of them.

2. Big Data Marketing Analytics

So, how do you go about measuring the effectiveness of a "less is more" landing page? Well, you can easily track how long visitors stay on a given page, what they click on, what they focus on and how well your call-to-action incentivizes them to act. Your big data marketing analytics helps identify what's working and what isn't. Mouse tracking software provides a heat signature map of high traffic areas for each page, allowing you to position important links and information in highly visible areas.

Lead generation Analyzing results is the only way to improve results.

3. High Converting Landing Pages

Using big data marketing analytics to identify where your visitors are going is definitely important, but it's nowhere near as important as increasing your conversion rates. A simple and extremely effective solution is to take our aforementioned "less is more" strategy and use it with your lead capture form. Do away with the endless questions. Forego the temptation to ask your customer to fill out an elongated and exhausting survey. Opt instead for a short lead capture form. Consider it part of your overall digital marketing strategy to keep things as simple as possible.

4. Focused Messages to Buyer Personas

By now you're likely well aware that keyword-rich search terms are in high demand. However, it's also important to focus on keyword-phrases and isolate the most common search sentences used by your buyer personas. Once these are nailed down, you want to make sure those prospects are being sent directly to the page they need. High bounce rates and low conversion rates indicate problems. Ultimately, you want to minimize the number of gates your customers have to pass before they get to what you have to offer.

You can have high conversion rates with prospects who have short attention spans. In fact, it's common nowadays. Customers are busier. They need information quickly and don't want to spend too much time looking for answers. Keep your information on point and use your analytics to measure results.

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