How to Nail Multichannel Marketing Automation for Awesome Online Lead Generation

Multichannel marketing automation is no simple task, but when implemented properly, it has the potential to fuel online lead generation and let your business soar. Consumers of today digest countless forms of media on a daily basis, from webpages, email, and social media, to television, billboards, and newspapers. The most effective marketing tactics need to utilize a multi-pronged approach in order to access consumers across all marketing channels. With the right approach, you can avoid potential pitfalls and create a strong marketing strategy that is guaranteed to boost returns. Here's how to make the most of your multichannel marketing automation.

Cater to All Devices

The world is becoming increasingly mobile, and websites that fail to accommodate mobile devices will rapidly fall behind. The number of mobile Internet searches has now exceeded that of desktop browsing, so optimizing your website for mobile devices is crucial for online lead generation.

Manage and Monitor All Channels In a Single Place

Marketing across multiple channels is confusing because each channel requires a unique approach. Twitter, for instance, allows just 140 characters, whereas Facebook posts allow over 60,000 characters. Email marketing reaches the consumer directly and should take a more personalized approach, whereas content marketing caters to vast audiences and should be designed to enrapture a diverse array of readers.

Keeping track of the different demands of each individual channel is tricky. Utilizing a command center that allows you to monitor all channels simultaneously can simplify this problem. According to Dennis Pombriant, president and CEO of Beagle Research Firm, "Very often, a multichannel dashboard is necessary when you start to consider the different requirements of media types." A multichannel dashboard will allow you to organize your campaign better and have more control over each different channel.

Pay Attention to Consumer Trends

Different channels cater to different types of consumers, with some channels being more popular than others. By routinely assessing the analytics of your marketing automation, you can determine which channels are generating the most leads and refocus your budget with this in mind. If 10 percent of your marketing campaign relies on email marketing, and email marketing is only producing 3 percent of total leads, then reducing the budget of that channel may be beneficial.

Strive for Consistency Across All Channels

Each customer is likely to interact with your brand through a variety of channels. As a result, it's important that your voice, authority, and presentation remain consistent throughout all channels. By studying your customer base and regularly reviewing analytics, you can gain insight into customer trends, so you can appeal to a wider consumer network using the same presentation throughout.

Use TV Ads to Bring Traffic to Your Website

With TV conveniently accessible from any mobile device, people are watching TV shows at unprecedented rates. The average American spends five hours per day watching TV, providing marketers ample opportunity to gain new loyal patrons. Offer incentives in TV ads that will drive customers to your store. An investment banking firm called AXA recently leveraged television ads to boost online leads by offering QR codes that encouraged viewers to visit their site and download their new app.

Online lead generation Using TV ads to drive traffic to your site will allow you to create more leads from a single ad.

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