How to Identify and Correct the Inefficiencies in Your Marketing

There are two types of people in this world; those who are content with the way things are and those who are constantly seeking to improve. In the business world, however, only the latter can succeed. The marketplace is more competitive and dynamic than ever, and unless you are willing to constantly improve upon your current business processes, your competitors will be leaving you in the dust. The marketing department is no exception, and in order to achieve the highest ROI, you need to continually seek to improve the efficiency of your marketing strategy.

Identifying Inefficiency Is the First Step to Improvement

In Alcoholics Anonymous, they claim that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Your marketing campaign is no different. If you continue to live in denial about your marketing inefficiencies, you'll fail to take the necessary measures to implement better strategies. By correcting even the simplest of inefficiencies, a business can significantly improve revenue. provides the perfect example. Furniture shopping has always been an inefficient ordeal, and the founder of, Sean Belnick, sought to change this. Understanding the importance of efficiency, he decided to create a website that greatly expedites the process of shopping for furniture. Rather than perusing store after store in search of that perfect centerpiece, offers a consolidated database of furniture, enabling people to shop, purchase, and have their new furniture delivered right to their front door.

How to Spot Inefficiencies in Your Marketing Campaign

If you think your marketing campaign is as efficient as it can be, then you need to be more critical. There are always ways to improve upon efficiency without compromising results in the process. Here are some of the key ways to spot inefficiencies and improve upon your campaign.

1. Make a list of all menial marketing tasks. Menial tasks eat up a large chunk of the workday. Wouldn't it be great if you could dispense of these tasks entirely? Create a list of all menial tasks, which includes all work that requires little thought or effort, is currently or could be conducted digitally, and consumes time but is nonetheless indispensable to your business.

2. Evaluate the time spent on data-related tasks. Determine how much time and effort is expended throughout the process of gathering, sorting, cleansing, and storing data. If your marketing team is spending more time on data-related tasks than they are on data analysis, then this is a huge time-waster that's of little benefit to your company.

3. Determine whether your ads are reaching the right audience. If advertisements are reaching the wrong audience, you'll be spending a lot more time on marketing than needed, while gaining little in return. You need to create a targeted marketing strategy that ensures each advertisement is reaching the audience that will find the information most relevant.

Database management system
By conducting menial tasks manually, you're flushing away critical time.

Say Goodbye to Inefficiency with a Database Management System

Once you've identified inefficiencies in your marketing campaign, the key is to solve those inefficiencies as quickly and painlessly as possible. With a database management system, you'll be able to automate all of the menial tasks that are consuming the workdays of your marketers. You'll also be able to drastically reduce the time spent collecting, organizing, and managing big data, in turn providing more time for analysis. It will enable you to create targeted marketing campaigns that ensure each advertisement is reaching the appropriate audience, so you aren't wasting endless hours creating advertisements that don't produce results.

ReachForce helps marketers increase revenue contribution by solving some of their toughest data management problems. We understand the challenges of results-driven marketers and provide solutions to make initiatives like marketing automation, personalization and predictive marketing better. Whether you have an acute pain to solve today or prefer to grow your capabilities over time, ReachForce can unify, clean and enrich prospect and customer lifecycle data in your business, and do it at your own pace.

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