How to Go Viral: Developing the Absolute Best Lead Generation Marketing Campaigns

Having a video or image go viral is like a dream come true for lead generation marketing, because it's the fastest way to spread your message and your brand. When something goes viral online, people spread your message for you, and the impact can be big.

Sometimes virality happens unexpectedly, but there's a lot you can do to set the stage for it to happen. The common factor in viral campaigns is that all of them contain some sort of "trigger" that gets people talking online and offline. Here are several ways you can lay a strong foundation for viral lead generation marketing.

Don't Be Afraid to Appeal to Emotions

Viral campaigns aren't neutral. They may tug at the heart strings, make people laugh out loud, or play on their dreams. Perhaps counterintuitively, "going viral" isn't the same thing as "pleasing everyone." Many viral entities have a love-it-or-hate-it quality, and there's not much you can do to get away from it. Things generally go viral because a person or brand has taken a stand on something, and that triggers emotions and gets people talking.

Have a Clear Message, but Don't Blatantly Advertise

Your product promotion should not be the focal point. At the same time, you should plan content so that your message is clear, albeit subtle. If your content has a script, it should be clear and tell a story in which your product or service is a supporting player. Viral content tends to make viewers or readers forget about the company and the product - at least temporarily. The focus should be on telling a good and compelling story.

Know Your Audience, and Be Willing to Surprise Them

Ultimately, you want your viral campaign to feed your lead generation marketing, so you need to understand the people who will actually go beyond watching the video to expressing interest in your product. What do they want from you? What triggers reach your target audience? Knowing your audience, what might you do to surprise and engage them? Showing your product in action in real life can be remarkably effective, as a 2013 GoPro video demonstrated.

Don't Restrict Access or Sharing, but Don't Force Your Content on People

Marketing campaigns Don't expect content to go viral if you make it difficult to access.

If you want your content to take on a life of its own, you can't restrict access to it. Don't put it behind a paywall, require people to become members, or require them to download special software to access something you want to go viral. Viral lead generation marketing is not about exclusivity. At the same time, don't force your content on people by blasting it repeatedly on social media. There's nothing wrong with sharing it, but hitting people over the head with your content doesn't make it more prone to going viral.

Remember The Importance of Offline Word-of-Mouth

Finally, remember the qualities of virality that make it transcend technology. Sure, you might email someone a link to something that is going viral, but chances are, you're going to talk about it as well, around the coffee pot at work, with the family at dinner, on a date, or at a social gathering. "Viral" is ultimately about your customer base and others marketing for you because you have created something extraordinary, and that's about humanity, not technology.


We now have the technology to spread a piece of content worldwide in a very short amount of time. Often there's no predicting what will go viral, but there are common elements in the things people tend to share. You can build content based on these factors and maximize your chances of your lead generation marketing reaching viral proportions.

If your company is fortunate enough to have or the opportunity to have one or more campaigns go viral, you want to make the most of the lead generation marketing and align your data and content to gain even higher results. Data that's incomplete, inaccurate, redundant, or outdated wastes your marketing resources, doesn't provide the information to align content and programs to your audiences and doesn't power your marketing engine properly.

ReachForce is a leading marketing data management provider and their software solutions continuously manage your data readiness so you can be more relevant and drive action.  Continuous data cleansing, data enrichment and unification help ensure companies just like yours fuel higher marketing results with data-driven decisions.  You can find out more with our demo and free data assessment. ReachForce makes sure you're ready to capitalize when your content goes viral.

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