How to Build Customer Loyalty Among Mobile Users & Boost Lead Generation

You're a savvy marketer. You've read the stats. You know how many of your customers are mobile, and chances are, it's a hefty percentage. Now that you have a mobile-friendly website and a decent way to track mobile users across channels, it's time to begin building loyalty. Not only will these loyalty-building initiatives help solidify your current customers, it will also help you in the lead generation department, because your users will love their mobile experience so much they'll share it for you. Well, they will if you make the mobile loyalty experience a good one... Here's how.

Start with a Mobile App

Building a stellar mobile experience begins with a mobile-friendly website. That gets you there. A mobile app keeps you there. A mobile app essentially removes the competitive clutter you have to deal with on the Web, focusing your mobile customers' attention 100% on you, your brand, and your message. All your lead generation efforts should include mentions of your mobile app, so that prospects can choose whether to engage with your brand via the website or the app. Of course, they'll only use the app if they have a reason to ...

Give 'Em a Great Reason to Use Your Mobile App

Mobile users actually prefer a branded app instead of a general mobile website experience. It's more tailored, more feature-full, and generally delivers a better UX (user experience) than the old WWW. But they won't bother downloading and using it unless there's a darn good reason, because smartphone memory is limited, you know, and data isn't free. (It totally should be free, but that's another discussion entirely.) Lure mobile customers to your app with:

• Exclusive content (like behind-the-scenes stuff; they adore that)
• Insider information (first to know about big sales, only ones to be offered certain products, first to learn about earthshaking industry news, etc.)
• Special deals and incentives (coupons, specials, BYGO, anything that you can offer your mobile app users but not any other customers)

Promote Your Mobile App

Big data marketing What content, deals, or incentives do customers get from your loyalty app that they can't get without it?

You aren't Kevin Costner (unless you are, in which case you should totally give us a call), so don't assume that if you build it, they'll come right on over. Just as you would any new product, you'll need a comprehensive marketing campaign to get the word out about all of the stupendous benefits of downloading and using your mobile app. This should be just as aggressive as any of your campaigns -- include PPC advertising, social announcements, and advertising -- the works. Don't even consider initiating a new campaign to boost lead generation without including an invitation to download and use your mobile app.

Consider Delving Into the IoT

There's another way to leverage the power of the mobile customer loyalty thing, and that's to have your own IoT device. This should be in addition to your mobile app, because not all your customers are going to invest in your IoT device. While wearable tech devices dominate this market, there are many other alternatives. Consider mobile apps for vehicles, home appliances, pets (yes, Fido and Fluffy have their own wearables), or whatever works for your brand and products. The IoT brings its own challenges, but it's still worthwhile to know about if you're jumping into the deep side of the mobile customer loyalty pool.

Most of the challenges associated with managing mobile apps and the IoT involve gathering, processing, and managing the data. In fact, data is the most valuable benefit of mobile there is. To learn more about how ReachForce SmartForms can help you optimize lead generation and improve your impact on revenue, sign up for a free trial and get a demo today.

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