How to Avoid Landing Page Mistakes and Achieve Optimal Lead Generation

Landing pages are standalone web pages that are designed to meet a specific objective, which is often lead generation. Lead generation landing pages capture visitor information, like names and email addresses, so you can market to the visitor. In return, the landing page offers a description of what the visitor receives in exchange for the information they submit. Examples of landing page offers include ebooks, white papers, discounts, contest entries, free trials, or webinar registration. Knowing what not to do with landing pages can be just as important as knowing what to do. Here are some common landing page mistakes to avoid.

Mistake: Too Much Going On

Landing pages should be focused. There should be one offer, a clear headline, concise supporting text, an image or short video, perhaps a handful of testimonials or awards, a clear, concise privacy statement, and a call to action. Landing pages with multiple offers, or that are crammed with text and information are confusing and cause visitors' attention to stray. Keep landing pages simple and focused, with a clear, visible call to action describing what they will receive ("Download my ebook now").

Mistake: An Unattractive Design

Clashing colors, too many fonts, not enough white space, or confusing graphics turn visitors off. Landing page design should be clean and simple. Colors should harmonize with your logo, and fonts should be ones that are beautiful and easy to read on-screen. Your call to action opt-in box should be right-aligned, because they convert better than left-aligned boxes.

Mistake: Including a Navigation Menu

Landing pages Landing pages are the exception to the "easy navigation" rule.

All the articles you read about search engine optimization (SEO) emphasize the importance of clear website navigation, and this is true, except for on your landing pages. Don't include a navigation menu on your landing pages, because they make it too easy for visitors to bounce off. Visitors should feel that they've "arrived" when they get to a landing page, and a navigation menu counteracts this. They can still click their browser's "Back" button if they want to leave, but they'll be less tempted if there's no navigation menu.

Mistake: No Preview of What You're Offering

You may worry that including a preview of a presentation or white paper on the landing page will cause people to search out the content on SlideShare and possibly find it without giving up their email address. That may be a risk, but if you give them a sneak preview of high quality content, they're more likely to trust that you make good on your promises and go ahead and opt in.

Mistake: Forgetting About SEO

Despite the fact that you shouldn't have a navigation menu on your landing pages, other principles of SEO still apply. A lot of people using Google to search are trying to solve a problem, and your landing pages are designed to solve a visitor's problem. Optimizing your landing pages for organic search can put them front and center for the visitor who is looking for a solution. In other words, SEO can help your landing pages reach visitors who are already in an action-oriented frame of mind.

Mistake: Not Testing Landing Pages

The only way to be certain your landing pages are optimized is to test them. Simple A/B testing can tell you things like which wording for a call-to-action button results in higher conversions, which headlines convert better, and what type of opt-in form is ideal. Testing one element at a time helps you pin down exactly what combination of features and wording adds up to the most conversions.


Landing pages are critical to lead generation, so you want to be confident that the data collected by your landing pages is as accurate, timely, and complete as possible. With SmartForms by ReachForce, you can have enriched data appended to landing page forms in real time. Visitors enter minimal information, which is matched up with information in a database of over 200 million up-to-date global records. Enriched data is then automatically appended, so you get the data you need and your visitors don't spend a lot of time filling in forms. SmartForms takes landing page lead generation to the next level. Check out our demo or try it out for yourself, and see what a difference high quality, enriched data makes to your lead generation efforts.

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