How Not to Lose Your Humans in the Age of Analytics

Digital Disruption.

Whether you visit your favorite marketing blog or go to the big industry trade show or just open your regular email newsletters, you can't escape it. Digital is disrupting everything from online lead generation to how you develop new content.

Digital disruption includes big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and related endeavors. It's incredibly easy for the marketing manager to focus solely on the digital technologies, forgetting how incredibly powerful and valuable and irreplaceable your human team really is.

As companies learn to tackle digital disruption and embrace digital transformation, many of the jobs and tasks that your people have always done will become automated. With the latest advancements in AI and machine learning, technology can even take over some of the tasks that used to be uniquely human, including writing and predicting market trends.

Does that mean it's time to fire the team and invest in computers to staff your marketing department? Nope! There are still some jobs and tasks that computers just can't do. Here are the traits your human marketing pros possess that remain the sole property of the human race.

Your Digital Technology Can't Be Creative

Computers cannot create apart from what some programmer jams in their data banks. Sure, computers have churned out something vaguely resembling artwork, music, and even screenplays. But what they can't do is create a new genre of film or develop a new musical sound or blaze new trails in the realm of film.

When it comes to the creative aspect of marketing tasks like online lead generation, computers can do no more than rehash and regurgitate a hodgepodge of what their human counterparts have done before. You won't get any astounding new ideas, like Jake from State Farm, Share A Coke, or P&G's Thank You, Mom. It takes peeps to do that.

Your Digital Technology Can't Have Human Experience

The reason that your data analytics can't crank out campaigns like that is because machines haven't ever woken up in the middle of the night and heard their spouse on the telephone. They haven't had the experience of popping the top off a bottle of sugary, carbonated goodness and enjoyed it with a precious loved one. Machines don't have moms to thank for helping them meet their Olympic aspirations. Only people do those things.

Your Digital Technology Can't Have Values

Online lead generation People easily juggle multiple roles, often conflicting ones. Computers would have no way to prioritize opposing roles like that of employee, boss, parent, lover, and volunteer for a worthy cause.

Machines also lack any values. Sure, you can program them to have a value, but how would they balance opposing values that humans navigate with ease? How would you explain to a computer how you would go about prioritizing a host of conflicting values, like your work persona versus your family self versus the Little League coach, head of the professional association, volunteer at the local rescue shelter, and shopper at the local mall? Humans manage these differing persons with ease; it's difficult to imagine how one would program a computer to do so.

As you collect valuable data for the purposes of online lead generation, developing content, and understanding your customers -- don't forget that it isn't all about the data, analytics, and technologies that power them. Your human marketing pros still have lots of things your nuts-and-bolts workers probably won't ever possess.

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