How Marketing Automation Can Support BYOD Policies

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a workplace policy that encourages employees to utilize their personal devices, such as cell phones and laptops, for business tasks. It's a highly practical and scalable solution that's been taking the business world by storm. In fact, Gartner predicted that by 2017, half of all U.S. employers will have mandatory BYOD policies. However, BYOD can be complicated to implement on its own, and you need to have the right software applications to support employee devices. Marketing automation software is the ideal marketing tool for BYOD policies, helping employers save money, while helping employees conquer more work.

What Benefits Do BYOD Policies Offer?

BYOD policies can benefit both the employees and the employer. When BYOD policies are implemented, it allows employees the luxury of conducting at least some of their work remotely, since all business files will be accessible from their personal devices. It also enables employers to implement flextime schedules, where employees can have more control over the office hours they work each week. Flextime schedules have been shown to be very popular among Millennials and can boost productivity while also increasing employee retention.

Furthermore, the employer benefits tremendously from BYOD policies. Technology is a tremendous investment for businesses, particularly as the company grows. With BYOD, employers can drastically reduce their spending while creating a highly scalable business model. It's particularly beneficial for startups that are trying to conserve investment capital, as it's more cost-efficient, enabling you to launch the business quickly. BYOD has also been shown to increase the productivity of staff. When work can be accessed from any device, employees demonstrate an enhanced ability to stay on top of tasks and conduct work in a timely fashion.

Marketing automation BYOD allows employees to conduct work from anywhere.

What's the Downside of BYOD?

BYOD policies certainly provide a host of benefits, but they aren't always practical for businesses. One of the greatest issues encountered by employees is having access to all of the information they need. When businesses are working with on-premises software, the software needs to be installed on every individual device. Not only is this inefficient and costly, but it's also risky. If an employee's laptop is stolen, any sensitive information stored on the computer is compromised.

How Can Marketing Automation Software Help?

Marketing automation software can support BYOD policies for marketing departments, allowing you to provide more flexible schedules to staff, while promoting productivity and saving money. Marketing automation software is based in the cloud, so you can compile all marketing and customer data into a secure, cloud-based platform. Rather than installing the software on each employee device, they can access it safely through the Internet. This enables your staff to work from home and also ensures that all sensitive information remains secure.

BYOD policies are rising in popularity. With the tremendous cost-savings they provide to businesses, as well as the employee perks, it's no wonder the policies are becoming so popular. However, when dealing with on-premises software, BYOD is neither practical nor secure. Marketing automation provides a cloud platform that supports BYOD while ensuring data integrity and security is always a top priority.

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