How Cloud-Based Big Data Management Can Reduce Costs and Increase Value

IT as we know it is rapidly changing as more and more applications are being shifted to the cloud. The cloud is now a mainstream business entity, with about 93 percent of businesses relying on it for at least certain aspects of business management. As big data grows in volume, it becomes less practical to manage it on-premises, which is why many companies are turning toward a cloud-based platform to meet their data scaling needs.

The Cloud Reduces the Cost of Big Data Management

A cloud-based big data management platform can significantly reduce the costs of managing and scaling big data. Storing big data on-premises requires large datacenters, which are not only costly to manage, but incredibly difficult to scale. As your business grows, it accumulates more data, requiring you to grow your datacenter along with it. By storing all data in a cloud-based platform, you can scale your data storage needs simply and efficiently, while significantly reducing costs. Data is much cheaper to manage in the cloud due to eliminating on-premises hardware.

The Cloud Increases the Value of Your Data Analysis

In addition to saving money, a switch to the cloud can drastically improve the value you receive from data analysis. You'll be able to dive deeper into the analysis process, leverage data more effectively, and create a campaign based around the purest and most useful company insights. Here are some of the key benefits of a cloud-based platform.

Big data management Collaboration is key to success, and the cloud makes it easier than ever.

1. The cloud encourages collaboration. Most businesses are not collaborating as effectively as they could. This is primarily a result of time constraints that limit the potential for group meetings. With the cloud, all departments within an organization can access data when needed, while referencing others' notes and making their own notes as well. This opens up channels of communication, so all employees can collaborate effectively without the need for regular meetings.

2. The cloud promotes data integration. With multiple departments within any organization, the data often remains separated throughout the company. By integrating the data that's collected, you can improve analysis by identifying trends occurring across all departments simultaneously. The cloud makes it much easier to integrate data across departments because it supplies a single platform where all company data can be stored and managed collectively. With the absence of data silos, you can leverage data to the fullest capacity and gain greater value from your analysis.

3. The cloud offers extensive tools for analysis. You'll no longer need to rely on on-premises software to access data analysis tools. Instead, all tools will be stored in the cloud, so all employees can access analysis tools at any time and from all of their devices. This will allow you to dig deeper into your analysis process, thereby improving your insights and creating a more successful marketing campaign.

Managing big data on-premises poses a number of limitations that can set your data analysis back. It makes data storage costly and difficult to scale, while also enabling the development of data silos, which decrease the success of advertising. With cloud-based big data management, you can reduce the cost of ownership, while improving collaboration and data analysis, allowing you to get more value for less money.

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