How Bad Data Makes for Bad Data Marketing

Are you depending on big data to revolutionize your marketing efforts? It absolutely can! Well, it can if you've got good data, that is. Bad data, well, that ruins everything. Here's how.

Bad Data Skews Your Analytics Results

Are you trying to run analytics to determine what your customer profile should look like? Good luck getting accurate results when the data is all wrong. Bad data can throw your results way off, leading your expensive marketing efforts astray with them.

Bad Data Wastes Money

How much do you plan to spend on your next marketing campaign? Thousands of dollars? Tens of thousands of dollars? If you use bad big data, the marketing is going to be all wrong, too. You'll be marketing to leads that you don't have the right contact information for and trying to speak to the wrong customers, because you don't really know what their titles are, how much their businesses earn per year, or what their level of education really is. Are you in the position to throw away that kind of money? We didn't think so.

Big data Analytics is difficult and it ain't cheap. Bad data can double your efforts while halving your benefits.

Bad Data Wastes Space

This sounds silly, but think about it: all of the data you have costs you money. The equipment is expensive, and it has to be operated (think power bills), maintained (think IT staff), and replaced when it fails. Alternately, you're housing data in the cloud, which means you are most likely paying according to how much you're storing there. Holding on to bad data is just a waste of all that money.

Bad Data Can Damage Your Reputation

Aside from the time and money bad data costs you, it could also damage your reputation. After all, if you build a campaign based on the wrong profile, you could end up insulting those who you are actually trying to lure. Bad data can send you chasing leads that aren't really there, writing messages to CFOs when you need to be targeting CIOs, or advertising only to multi-billion corporations when your best customers are actually in the $10 million per year range. Bad data can make your business look (and feel) like it doesn't know what it's doing.

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