Hitting the Nurture Campaign Sweet Spot

In a recent post from Eloqua, data indicated that response rates were directly impacted by how many nurture campaigns your organization runs in a given month. You can find the post here, but the short version is this: marketing teams that run between 5 and 10 nurture campaigns in a given month tend to see higher response rates.

See the Eloqua graphic below.

eloqua nurture chart

If that’s the case, we marketers have a wonderful opportunity to really dig into our database to segment and target in fairly specific ways. But where to start? Just some of the ways we target here at ReachForce are by:

  • Geography
  • Industry
  • Prospect title
  • Prospect role (i.e. end user, decision maker, key influencer, etc.)
  • Special interest group (i.e. event attendees, customers of salesforce.com, etc.)
  • Company revenue
  • Product line offerings
  • Customers’ competitors
  • People who acted on a specific call to action
  • People in the sales pipeline that are stuck

For a more comprehensive list you can download our Marketing Segmentation Best Practices whitepaper here, but I'd love to hear how you segment your lists when nurturing. What are your "Sweet Spots"?

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