Getting Started with Lead Segmentation in B2B Marketing

In the age of big data, marketers who have a handle on their lead data are able to segment leads into specified groups and then target each group with customized content and messaging. Some, however, struggle with where to begin. There are so many choices on how to separate the data and analyze the best approach to your B2B marketing strategy.

But it is key is to focus on what benefit of segmentation is the most important for you. Then you can go from there. Here are some benefits of lead segmentation for B2B marketing:

Lead Segmentation Improves Your Ability to Focus Efforts

Does lead generation often feel like throwing lots of stuff against the kitchen wall and just hoping and praying something, anything, sticks? Segmentation can do away with this and allow you to focus your efforts, because you will then know exactly where the leads are likely to be found online that most likely to convert. Is your target lead an avid blog reader? Addicted to customer reviews of products? Likely to do some online gaming on break? Interested in the standing of professional golfers? Put your messages where they're most likely to stumble upon them.

Lead Segmentation Improves Your Ability to Deliver a Better Value

What are your competitors offering that your leads and customers might perceive as having value? How can you do better? Delving deeply into the data, you can segment your leads based on what they perceive as having value. Then you can improve your own offers to be more attractive.

Lead Segmentation Improves Your Ability to Target the Right Audience

Lead generation Lead segmentation is your secret to hitting the bulls eye every time.

Are you wasting a lot of your lead generation efforts in the wrong places? Maybe an email campaign would be more effective, or perhaps you could rethink AdSense and post some ads or messages on a blog that happens to be frequented by your best leads. The data will show you where, when, and how your leads search for and consume information. This makes it far easier to show up where they hang out. It's kind of like fishing: never fish for bass where the catfish hang out. The fisherman who finds the bass hideouts bring home the trophies.

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