Funnel Strategies: 3 Ways to Leverage Marketing Automation Tools for More Leads

As a marketing technologist, you know that improving your team’s efficiency and effectiveness often leads to an increase in the return on investment you see from your online lead generation.

Often, that improved efficiency comes in the form of marketing automation.

Now, you are likely aware of hundreds (if not thousands) of different platforms that offer automation services claiming to take the weight off the shoulders of your marketing team and streamline your marketing process.

 Here is the thing: you do not need 100 different tools to do 100 different tasks.

The reality is, marketing automation still requires the touch of an actual marketing expert to truly be effective. Instead of spending your budget testing all these different “miracle” platforms, figure out exactly how marketing automation tools can deliver more leads.

Marketing platforms that effectively deliver more leads can do these three things:

#1. Personalize Your Nurture Campaigns

Did you know that only 27 percent of the leads that enter your sales funnel are actually “sales-ready” from the beginning?

 But 44 percent of sales reps only follow-up once with incoming leads, which means a lot of relationship-building (and money) gets left on the table.

However, it also means there is a huge opportunity for you as a marketing technologist to scoop up those leads that fall through the cracks in the sales process and plug them into a highly personalized nurturing campaign.

Of course, you cannot expect your team to go through each and every lead to determine whether or not they need to be cycled back through to the top of the funnel; that would be an incredibly tedious manual process of going through your CRM lead-by-lead.

Online lead generation Automation tools help marketers maximize the leads in their sales funnel through personalized nurture campaigns.

Instead, you need software that will track your leads from the moment they enter the funnel and appropriate them to the right nurturing campaign with highly personalized outreach based on lead activity and demographic data.

#2. Hand-off Sales-Ready Leads to Reps Quickly

For the 27 percent of leads that are actually “sales-ready,” you need to make sure there is an automated process in place to get those leads over to sales as quickly as possible.

That is because every minute you delay in making contact with a generated lead reduces your chances of converting that lead drastically. One study published in 2015 reveals that contacting a lead within the first minute increases your likelihood of converting that lead by 391 percent, whereas waiting just thirty minutes to make contact drops that likelihood to just 62 percent.

If you have a good lead scoring process in place, the right automation tool should be able to paint a picture of what defines a “sale-ready lead” for your business and automatically pass those leads directly to the sales team the moment they enter your sales funnel.

#3. Simplify Your Forms (without Actually Limiting The Information You Collect)

Fact: shorter lead capture forms have higher conversion rates.

In fact, Marketo found that reducing a lead capture form from nine fields to five increased their conversion rate by 3.4 percent and lowered their cost-per-lead by $10. 

Of course, you do not want to miss out on valuable customer data either. After all, it is the data collected in these forms that enables you to personalize nurture campaigns and properly score inbound leads.

That is where SmartForms comes into the picture.

ReachForce SmartForms allows you to create shorter lead capture forms without missing out on key customer data by filling in the gaps in your demographic data in real-time as leads enter your pipeline.

To learn more about how ReachForce SmartForms can help you optimize lead generation and improve your impact on revenue, sign up for a free trial and get a demo today.

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