"Fuel" for Lead Generation - B2B Marketing and Sales Tip #134

The talk of high gas prices today – it's on everyone's mind and we can't get away from it.

Cost of lead generation – it's on every smart marketer's mind and we can’t get away from it.

There seems to be an interesting parallel between the two. With higher gas prices, also come new alternative ways to travel, for example, carpooling, hybrids and fuel efficient cars. If you have high quality fuel to put into your marketing programs, it's even more important to determine which vehicle(s) will most effectively accelerate sales conversions.

Test your options and see how your prospects respond and engage. Build your programs based on results.

  • Do they prefer to attend live webinars or watch recorded webcasts to get information?
  • Or do they prefer white papers because they can read it on their own time?
  • Or do they prefer white papers because they can read it on their own time?
  • Do they participate in surveys? Or take free online demos?
  • Do they subscribe to a specific set of industry newsletters?
  • Do industry analysts play a role in their buying decisions?
  • Do they go to the blogosphere for their 'real' information?
  • Are they in communities you possibly haven't discovered?

The goal of testing here is to better understand your prospects and the way they consume information for making buying decisions. Once you’ve determined the most effective vehicles, consider your marketing mix.

Marketing Mix

  • Make sure you always have a goal in mind. How are you gauging success?
  • Include different vehicles in your marketing mix to ensure your prospective buyers are receiving your message in the method they best respond to.
  • Be sure not to exclude suspects by being exclusive with your offers. You don't want to miss opportunities.
  • Consider adding new media outlets to the mix and you may discover new ways to reach your target audience.

The most important message here is that you use your fuel as effectively as possible and find the vehicle that best reaches your buyers and accelerates your lead generation conversions.

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