Friday Wrap-Up: This Week in B2B Marketing Tips

Happy Earth Day/Friday everybody! Hope you're all getting out and enjoying the world around you today. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite marketing tips from around the web this week:

  1. How to Qualify New Leads Through Landing Pages

    This is one of the biggest pains I've been seeing with many of our customers: how do I maximize the value of my inbound flow? Ideally, all inbound leads would be qualified, have full and accurate data, and be easily sourced to the appropriate reps. Unfortunately, that's rarely the case. One of the great points Billy MacDonald makes here is to decrease the length of the form. With drop down menus, you can decrease the size of the form, making prospects more comfortable with filling the whole thing out. You could even use a vendor to append information after the lead capture, so you can ask less of your prospects but still get all that qualification data you need.

    Read Billy's (@BillyMacDonald) full post at HubSpot's blog here:

  2. Benefits of Online Surveys for B2B Marketers

    This is one was especially interesting to me since we've used surveys before for both market research and lead qualification. Maria Pergolino runs down a quick few benefits of online surveys for B2B marketers, and it seems the bottom line is technology makes it a no-brainer to use surveys. Read Maria's (@InboundMarketer) full post here:

  3. Get Better at Buying

    This was an interesting post from Seth Godin that, though not directly about B2B marketing, provides a good view into the mind of the buyer. As everyone seems to be preaching these days, it's more important to understand the buyer's journey and meet them there rather than forcing them on your selling journey. Well, as Seth points out here, the buyer's journey at large companies can be a little inefficient, to say the least. Read Seth's (@thisissethsblog) full post here:

  4. Being a B2B Buyer Sucks – Let's Change That

    Speaking of understanding the buyer's journey, Craig Rosenberg shares his recent B2B buying experience in an effort to understand how we can all change the process to be more consumer-friendly. Sometimes the best way to understand your customer's journey is to experience it yourself. Great insight from Craig (@funnelholic); read his full post here:

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