Friday Wrap-Up: This Week in B2B Marketing Tips

Happy Friday everybody! Please enjoy some of our favorite tips from around the blogosphere this week!

1. What B2B Social Media Are....And Aren't

I feel like a week doesn't go by in which I'm not sharing a post about social media, but the fact of the matter is: it's a hot topic. This is a nice piece from Jim Everhart of Godfrey (@GodfreyB2B) on how to keep social media in perspective, and what to expect from them. Most surprising but quite accurate: social media are not awareness building media. Check out Jim's full post here:

2. Nine Reasons Why Marketing Should Own the Teleprospecting Function

Love this post from J. David Green at the B2B Lead Roundtable Blog (@B2BLeadBlog), because this is something we've wrestled with (and still are) internally. Do we have callers warming up leads and setting meetings? If so, to whom do they report? How are they compensated? How are leads passed to sales? It's a tough process to get your mind around, and a lot of people have a lot of differing opinions on it. Mr. Green makes a case for where the teleprospecters should sit within the organization, and I love some of the rationale. Best of all: with marketing owning teleprospecting and directly impacting revenue, management may allocate more funding to marketing as a percentage of revenue. Beautiful. Read the full post here:

3. How Not to Rewrite Your Tagline

Another one that hits close to home for me, because we've discussed this plenty here at ReachForce. Ultimately, as Drew McLellan (@DrewMcLellan) points out, I think we might give too much credence to a tagline. Bottom line though: don't expect to make minor tweaks to your tagline that yield major results. It's insane! Read Drew's full post from the MarketingProfs blog here:

4. 10 Tweetable Lessons in Marketing and Analytics

Very nice compilation from Jon Miller (@jonmiller2) of insight he's gathered on the science of measuring marketing effectively. It's hard not to take something away from this list. Enjoy the full post on Marketo's blog here:

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