Friday Wrap-up: This Week in B2B Marketing Tips

Each week we present a collection of some of the best marketing tips, guides, and best practices from thought leaders around the blogosphere to help you stay informed, hone your craft, and improve your marketing efforts. Enjoy!

1. 9 UnMarketing Tips For Online Audience Engagement

No doubt you’ve heard of author and consultant, Scott Stratten, before, but you might not have caught his recent webcast with MarketingProfs where he discussed the best ways to engage your audience online. B2B Marketing Insider’s Michael Brenner did, and has captured nine tips from the event ranging from why mobile is so important to methods for improving customer experience. To hear the full seminar click here. 9 UnMarketing Tips For Online Audience Engagement

2. Can B2B Marketers Become Content Whisperers?

In this post from Ardath Albee you’ll find some interesting ideas regarding listening and how it should feed your content strategy. More interesting, however, are the questions it raises about where and how you shouldn’t apply those ideas and opinions to your marketing efforts. Can B2B Marketers Become Content Whisperers?

3. Using RPM to Manage and Optimize the Entire ‘Customer Lifecycle’

More on this to follow, but if you’re in or around San Francisco next week you might want to attend Marketo’s User Summit at the Hilton Union Square. We’re going to be there and would love to chat. Except during the Keynote where the author of this post will be speaking – I imagine our booth staff might all sneak out to catch this particular presentation. Marketo’s president and CEO, Phil Fernandez, takes the stage early on Wednesday and I’d be surprised if the ideas behind Revenue Performance Management (RPM) won’t be central to the discussion. For a primer on the subject and examples specific to the customer lifecycle, read on. Using RPM to Manage and Optimize the Entire ‘Customer Lifecycle’

4. How to Treat your Customers Like Prospects

If there’s a cooler, savvier lady than Amy Bills in the marketing automation business, I haven’t met her. She’s been helping me drive programs (and stay out of the doghouse) for years, so when she has something to say I typically listen. This post breaks down a few fundamental tips and ideas for taking care of your customers, upsell without upselling, and drive revenue from your best prospect base. How to Treat Your Customers Like Prospects

A little extra: Should Your Marketing Message Require Reading Between the Lines?

This week seems to be one of posts from old friends. MarketingProfs’ Matthew Grant is one of the few cats I know that can blend German philosophy, current literature, and marketing strategy in a way that not only makes sense, but provides a few ideas you should consider. If you’d like to read his observations on everything from the music industry to ethics to technology, you can find his personal blog here. For his post this week over at MarketingProfs that examines marketing messages through the lens of the aforementioned German philosophy, follow the link. Should Your Marketing Message Require Reading Between the Lines?

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