Friday Wrap-up: This Week in B2B Marketing Tips

Each week we present a collection of some of the best marketing tips, guides, and best practices from thought leaders around the blogosphere to help you stay informed, hone your craft, and improve your marketing efforts. Enjoy!


1. The CMO Guide to Inbound Marketing [Infographic]

Clearly, an inbound marketing and “content is king” focus isn’t a trend. In fact, studies show that inbound marketing drives 10X the revenue compared to other channels. But where to start? Our friends at Marketo have provided a nice, high-level infographic to that covers approaches, justification, staffing and budget considerations, time lines, and more to help. The CMO Guide to Inbound Marketing [Infographic]

2. B2B Content Marketing Blunders

Now armed with the trusty infographic above, you might be jotting down a few ideas for your content strategy. If that’s the case, you might also want to consider that while it’s always important to learn from your mistakes, it’s sometimes far better to learn from someone else’s. The Professional Services Marketing Blog from Hinge provides five of the most common errors when producing content. Pay particular attention to number 4: it’s a pearl of wisdom. B2B Content Marketing Blunders

3. 10 Tips To Improve Your B2B Email Marketing

Nice primer here from Mass Transmit on e-mail best practices. I think the underlying theme – one that we B2B marketers sometimes forget – is that our communications can be infinitely more effective when we approach them with a B2C mindset. It reminds me of one of David Ogilvy’s more famous quotes: “The consumer is not a moron, she is your wife.” This post reminds us to write to her, write to them, as such, and provides a handful of tips to help you get it done. 10 Tips To Improve Your B2B Email Marketing

4. Eight Traits of a Killer Web Marketing Article

This post from Orbit Media StudiosAndy Crestodina, via MarketingProfs, is a rare treat that combines smart thinking and a bit of funny; and manages to do so in a way that keeps you reading, and learning, all the way to the end. From links to design considerations, here are eight best practices you should apply to your blog posts and articles. Eight Traits of a Killer Web Marketing Article

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