Friday Wrap-Up: This Week in B2B Marketing Tips

Each week we present a collection of some of the best marketing tips, guides, and best practices from thought leaders around the blogosphere to help you stay informed, hone your craft, and improve your marketing efforts. Enjoy!


1. How to endure SXSW – and live to tell about it

No doubt you’re seeing countless posts about this year’s SXSW Interactive conference, but as it’s hosted in our own back yard we couldn’t not talk about it, right? This post, via CNET, delivers a nifty survival guide full of tips and advice to help you make the most of the show. For more advice, check out David Binkowski’s post about the mandatory things to do while you’re here, or this cool graphic of Austin hot spots. How to endure SXSW – and live to tell about it

2. 7 New Facebook Changes Impacting Businesses

I’ve written about this topic before, but with the big design and interface changes happening at the end of the month on Facebook it seems prudent to do so again. From a massive expansion of real estate for your Profile Image to new functionality in the Admin Panel, Social Media Examiner’s Andrea Vahl provides 7 things you need to know with the new release. 7 New Facebook Changes Impacting Businesses

3. 10 Tips for Improving Your Business Blog

Although this post from Big Marketing is directed to small businesses, the advice offered is just as applicable to blogs for larger enterprise organizations. One interesting suggestions I’d not considered before is the use of two conversion activities – one for browsers and one for buyers. After reading, let me know if you have any additional suggestions; l’d love your two cents. 10 Tips for Improving Your Business Blog

4. How to Optimize Your Brand’s YouTube Channel

Part of a mini-guide you can purchase through the Wilson & Ellis Consulting Blog (for less than a beer during happy hour, I might add) this post addresses the branding and design speed bumps now in place on your YouTube channel, courtesy of Google, with 4 tips to help you reclaim the page as your own.  How to Optimize Your Brand’s YouTube Channel

5. A little extra…

The first post you should absolutely check out is Tom Trush’s, The Marketing Strategy That Launched an Entire Industry. I’m always a sucker for a good story, and this is one I hadn’t heard before. Please read the full post, but once you’ve done so ask yourself this: does your marketing strategy truly speak to solving problems or does it simply work to talk about your services? Next, check out Tiny Story. Big idea. – a lovely short video that just might inspire you.

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