Friday Wrap-Up: This week in B2B Marketing Tips

Howdy folks, happy April Fools' Day! Through all the noise around the Radian6 acquisition by, there was still loads of good B2B marketing insight out there. Here are some of my favorites from the week:

  1. Proteus list of top B2B Blogs

    Okay, okay, not from this week, but something I rediscovered recently that many of you may not know about. This list gives you no reason to ever be searching for good B2B blogs to follow. Updated last November, there's now more than 350 blogs on this list, and it includes EVERYTHING. When you get a moment, take the time to put some of these in your RSS feed or bookmark them or whatever. You won't be sorry.

    Find the list on courtesy Galen De Young (@GalenDY) at Proteus here:

  2. 4 B2B Insights from's Acquisition of Radian6

    Since it was indeed such a huge deal this week, I might as well include something about this major acquisition. Jeffrey Cohen summed up pretty well on his blog why this acquisition matters in the B2B marketing world, even if you're not a customer of either company. One of the key points I saw: monitoring and engagement is now trackable. This may very well bring social media from the clouds of marketing air cover to the ground level of marketing execution and sales engagement.

    Read Jeffrey's (@jeffreylcohen) full post from Social Media B2B here:

  3. The difference between lead nurturing and lead generation explained in 2 minutes

    Nice video here from the B2B Lead Roundtable blog. This video made me realize the power of short clips like these on a blog. You're able to deliver the same kind of valuable content as you normally would, but it's more palatable and much more likely to be viewed.

    Watch J. David Green's (@B2BLeadBlog) video in his post here:

  4. When B2B messaging builds to a climax, you've made your point

    Read this once you're done giggling, it's worth it. The message may not be what you expect, though. As it turns out, there doesn't seem to be much of a statistical difference between leading with your unique selling proposition versus building to it. While that may not seem to give you anything actionable in your own marketing execution, it is an excellent reminder to always think about how your messaging is structured from the viewer's perspective. Are you building to your key message, or leading with it? More importantly: why?

    Read the full post from the MLT Creative blog (@B2BLaunchPad) here:

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